That’s how we Roll; Zorbing in Bled, Slovenia

That’s how we Roll; Zorbing in Bled, Slovenia

During our trip to #Bled, #Slovenia, we had our first ever #zorbing experience, both on land and on water! On land, it was an extremely fun, #active and intense ride. On water, it was very challenging, but we were up for it and had a blast!

In a giant transparent ball, Alberto and I strapped ourselves onto our harnesses – one to the waist, another to the feet – and held on to the handle bars. And then, as though the operator had pressed the ‘start engine’ button on an amusement ride, I watched the world swirl around us in 360 degrees. 

I watched the world swirl around us in 360 degrees

I could see that we were rolling down the constructed ramp but all I could feel was blood rushing to my head, my hair flipping in all directions, and adrenaline kicking in. It wasn’t quite as big as a rush on a bungee jump or even a rollercoaster ride for that matter, but it was way more fun than anything I’d done.

This was our first zorbing experience and definitely not going to be our last one. It was five years ago when I first stumbled upon zorbing while writing about some unique transport modes around the world. I’ve been fascinated by it since but never imagined I would one day be able to try it out for myself.

That's how we Roll

For those who are wondering, zorbing is the sport of rolling down a hill inside an orb, which is a giant inflatable ball cushioned by a thick layer of air. 

zorbing is the sport of rolling down a hill inside an orb

This wacky sport is also known as globe-riding, sphereing, or orbing, and it was first invented in New Zealand. There’s a range of rides to choose from – from wet to dry, individual to multi-person or zigzag rides.

Just this week, we had the chance to experience zorbing for the first time with Fun Turist in Bled, the adventure capital of Slovenia. It was short, intense, and extremely fun – a perfect activity for a family or adventure-seeking youngsters! 

We both highly recommend trying out zorbing if you ever get the chance. Don’t be afraid to unleash the inner child in you!

from  $20

Fun Zorbing

 Bled, Slovenia
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Spinning 360 Degrees

Here’s a video that we took inside the orb, take a look and see how our world spinned.

Water Zorbing

Besides zorbing on land, we also had a go at water zorbing and it turned out to be an amusing experience especially since balancing on water was almost an impossible task. 

Water Zorbing
Trying to Keep his Balance

Even six-year-old children had more patience than us at trying to maintain their equilibrium in there. In fact, balancing was so difficult in the orb that Fun Turist goes so far to declare that anyone who manages to keep their balance for more than two seconds gets the ride for free!

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