Photoblog; Wildlife Watching at Victoria Falls Reserve, Zimbabwe

Photoblog; Wildlife Watching at Victoria Falls Reserve, Zimbabwe

At the Victoria's Falls Reserve in #Zimbabwe, you'll get a look at African #wildlife in its natural and #active state. Stay at the beautiful Stanley and Livingstone Lodge that is within the reserve and get treated to a backyard of wild baboons, elephants and giraffes, among other delightful animals.

Before us, across the sprawling savanna, stand a herd of over 50 buffaloes. Apart from the occasional stares, they are surprisingly oblivious to our presence, some of them fighting other bulls head to head, others strolling around the dry arid land. 

As the sun slowly disappears beyond the horizon, we leap off our jeep, crack open several bottles of beer, and watch as the buffaloes graze and linger, with the African savanna washed in a golden glow.

atch as the buffaloes graze and linger, with the African savanna washed in a golden glow

Over the past few days, we’ve been game driving in Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, spotting plenty of wildlife every morning and evening. 

Our base, Stanley & Livingstone, is a beautiful lodge located within the reserve, with wild baboons, elephants and giraffes roaming around our backyard. 

from  $368

Hotel Stanley And Livingst Private Game Reserve Victoria Falls

 Nakavango Estate, Ursula Road, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
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During our time here, we’ve been rewarded with impressive sightings from herds of zebras grazing on the grasslands, to kudus galloping amidst the bush, and vultures eyeing the savanna from the top of the Acacia trees. 

Out of the six black rhinos that call this reserve home, we spotted four of them, as they linger just inches away from our jeep, oblivious to our presence.

Some Buffaloes Stare at us With Much Curiosity…
While Others Continue to Fight Head to Head.

There’s nothing quite like watching an animal in the wild; the emotions that come along with it often stirring and awakening. 

Alberto Captured This Shot Just as the Baby Black Rhino is Slurping Some Water.
Slightly Darker and Furrier, the Waterbuck Almost Resembles a Cross Between a Llama and Antelope.
We Spot a Warthog, Too Busy Feeding on Grass to be Bothered With us.

As a wildlife buff, I’ve always been drawn to places with great wildlife opportunities and that’s why we’re here in Zimbabwe. 

There are some of Alberto’s best shots from Victoria Falls Reserve, hope they’ll give you a feel of how wildlife watching is in Zimbabwe!

Impalas all Gather Amidst the Bush, Prancing Around Like Dainty Savanna Angels.

All the rhinos in the reserve were brought in from other parts of Zimbabwe to be bred and protected here. These rhinos have been de-horned to protect them from poachers.

Another Black Rhino Munching on Dry Leaves. 
A Female Kudu Struts Elegantly Across our Path and we all Stare in Silence, Awed by her Beauty.
While Having Lunch One Day, We Spotted This Teenage Elephant Coming for a Sip at the Hotel’s Waterhole.
Groups of Impalas and Baboons All Come Out for a Sip at Our Lodge’s Waterhole.
A Baboon Family Sits Around the Waterhole at Sunset. I Wonder What They’re Looking At!
The Gorgeous Lilac-Breasted Roller, Also Known as Rainbow Bird, Spotted on a Branch in the Reserve.

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