Photoblog: Mauritius From Above

Photoblog: Mauritius From Above

The beautiful, sparkling, almost impossibly blue waters around the island of #Mauritius are even better when you see them from the air. We hopped in a seaplane for an #active, exhilarating flight around the #island, taking in all the sights. Here are the photos I took from the plane, you can get a taste of the gorgeous colors!

With miles and miles of picture perfect sandy beaches and acres of greenery, Mauritius is definitely best seen from the skies. Exploring on land and by boat may give good perspectives of the island, but only by taking to the skies can you fully get a grasp of the island’s geography.

On our recent trip to Mauritius, I had the opportunity to fly on a two-seater seaplane around 130m above the sea with German pilot Frank from Fly Mauritius. The water sparkled in different shades of blue, from the light spearmint color of the shallow lagoon to the dark navy blue of the Indian Ocean. Tiny heart-shaped islets peppered the rugged coastline and coral reefs sprawled across the entire coastline. We flew over fishermen rowing in their traditional dhows and kitesurfers riding the waves in their fluorescent colored gear. Rows of resorts and hotels fringed the shoreline, while further inland loomed emerald green mountains and sugarcane plantations.

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20 Minutes Above Eastern Mauritius

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Frank pointed out the islets and coves that were more prominent and popular with tourists. From above, they all looked quiet and empty except for a few fishermen boats docked on their shallow waters. He showed me his favorite parts of the island and talked about what he liked doing on Mauritius. I asked Frank what made him decide to move to Mauritius, he looked down at what lay beneath us, smiled and said, “For this.”

Heart-shaped islets in the aqua water surrounded by reefs
The dramatic Gunner’s Quoin island stands in the distance
Fishermen in a traditional Mauritian sail boat
Under the wings
A kitesurfer from above
Massive coral reefs sprawl across the coastline, forming a natural barrier around Mauritius
Massive coral reefs sprawl across the coastline, forming a natural barrier around Mauritius
A panorama of the aerial view
Patches of coral pepper the sea bed like freckles on a face
Water of different depth swirl together to form a palette of beautiful colors
The greenery of Grand Gaube and mountains further inland
The entire northern coast stretching into the horizon
The curvy coastline of northern Mauritius as seen from Grand Gaube

I hope these shots I took from the seaplane gave you an idea of what Frank means. 

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