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Bridge To Bhutan is a brainchild of two brothers from Bhutan who, after being reunited in the United States after five long
years, discovered that they shared a common passion: sustainable change in Bhutan. Bridge To Bhutan embodies this

The challenges that the Bhutanese face today are none too unique. In recent years, increased rural-urban migration, like
in any other developing country, has led to a slew of unintended consequences: the rising rate of youth unemployment;
the imminent threat of cultural erosion; the shrinking of our national heritage, our villages, to insignificance; the increasing
number of automobiles; and the pollution of our once pristine rivers and streams, to mention a few. These changes
constantly undermine Bhutan's capacity to remain as a self-sustaining nation.
Away from home, it wasn't unusual for the two brothers to engage in impassioned discussions on sustainability issues,
particularly in the context of changing Bhutan. But it wasn't everyday that they pondered over tourism either. Interestingly,
the brothers relied on their experiences as part-time travel guides to piece the two together



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Bridge To Bhutan

We are a social enterprise committed to designing and leading world travelers through unique custom journeys in Bhutan.

At Bridge To Bhutan (B I I B), sustainability means everything. While we embrace the inevitable elements of
“globalization,” we attempt to strike a balance by helping preserve and promote all that is inherently Bhutanese.

B I I B is different in that it allows discerning travelers visiting Bhutan to foster real and meaningful connections with
Bhutan. It is our honest intention to continually strive to innovate and serve in the best interest of travelers like you, as
well as our own people, culture, and the environment. Our B I I B Cares initiative is a start.

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