Climbing Guatemala’s Most Active Volcano

Climbing Guatemala’s Most Active Volcano

My first #volcano visit was the Volcan Pacaya in #Guatemala, an active volcano with hot lava constantly spewing. Our trek started through the #rainforest but as we ascended, it became more like a desert. We got so close to the lava's edge that we were able to roast marshmallows!

Facing blazing red lava and feeling the burning heat on my skin– let’s just say that at that very moment, the bare earth was at my feet. I was literally walking on a volcano that could erupt any minute.

I was literally walking on a volcano that could erupt any minute

Volcán Pacaya had spewed ferociously for the first time 23,000 years ago and since then, it has again exploded 23 times over the years. The last time it caused terror was in 1965, when many lives were lost. Despite its potential danger, travelers still come out here to experience the roaring volcano that seemingly comes alive now and then.

Volcan Pacaya

The Climb

I’d admit it wasn’t a walk in the clouds. We were obviously jinxed as it rained the entire time we were up on the volcano – the only time it rained throughout our whole month in Guatemala!

The initial trek in the muddy rainforest was relatively straightforward and it was still easy to breathe at that altitude. But as we reached the volcanic ashes, ascending the steeply-inclined sandy terrain was almost like dragging your feet through a desert. Things worsened as the air got thinner and smokier as we got further.

But nothing beat reaching the summit, albeit in the rain, watching the red flaming lava flow right to your feet. What is it about lava that makes us tick?

Feel the Heat

Standing literally meters away from the lava, my nostrils were awake and alive to the smell of everything. I looked through the earth’s crack and I could see the boiling lava bubbling up, virtually eating the earth alive. The soles of my shoes were slowly melting away – luckily mine weren’t the only ones.

The Blazing hot Lava

My virgin volcano experience and here I was, standing on the edge of flowing lava. Most guides bring you right to the lava’s edge, so be prepared to be astonished. 

Most guides bring you right to the lava’s edge, so be prepared to be astonished
from  $59

Pacaya Volcano Climbing

 Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez, Guatemala
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Pacaya Volcano Hike

We brought some marshmallows to grill up here, thanks to our friends’ tips. Amusing as it may be, climbing heights for a DIY barbeque didn’t seem so bad after all.

Near the Lava's Edge

Climbing Tour From Antigua

Just an hour away from Antigua, Volcán Pacaya can be climbed as a day trip – it takes 2 hours to climb up to the summit and another 2 down. Weather conditions might vary as well, check with your guide as cloudy weather might affect visibility.

The Only Rainy day we had!

Most tour operators in Antigua arrange morning or night trips, of which the night climbs are more popular as the lava effect is amplified in the darkness. Night climbs start at 2pm, and by the time you start descending, darkness would have set in. Bring a torch with you for the way down.

View Over the City

Multi-day Expeditions

For the adrenaline junkies, they can arrange technical hikes to several other volcanoes such as Volcán de Agua and Volcán Acatenango. These volcanoes might not be as active as Volcán Pacaya, but require more technical skills and a higher fitness level.

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