Adventure Travel; Skydiving in Costa Brava

Adventure Travel; Skydiving in Costa Brava

The best adventure of our #active trip to #CostaBrava was definitely #skydiving. We did a lot of high altitude sports there but skydiving was certainly the one that made me feel the most like I really overcame a fear. And Costa Brava was a unique and convenient place to jump out of a plane!

Heart reeling and legs shaking, I’m standing at the edge of the aircraft, about to take the plunge at 4,000m above the ground. Looking out of the plane’s open door, my head spins deliriously while the strong wind slaps me back into reality. 

Green fields, snow-peaked mountains and buildings are scattered below me like tiny lego pieces. But amidst the chaos (overpowering winds and dizzying heights), I am air-bound without even realizing it. The rush from the free-fall sweeps through me like an electric current and before I know it, I’m experiencing an adrenaline high.

The rush from the free-fall sweeps through me like an electric current

Skydiving in Costa Brava sure as hell tops any other adventures I’ve had (from climbing an active volcano to swimming with nurse sharks and cliff-jumping). During the seven minutes of the jump, I experienced a whole series of adrenaline and emotions: energy powered through me during the initial 60 seconds of free-fall, which later transformed into awe-inspiring pleasure as the parachute was released. 

Surprisingly, free-falling actually felt more like flying than the sensation of falling, which made skydiving much more enjoyable than bungee-jumping. Here’s a series of photos shot by my cameraman in the air – enjoy!

   Just off the Plane
Above the Green Fields and Mountains of Costa Brava
Screaming ‘Hell Yeah’ During Free-fall
Tons of fun in the air!
Skydiving Over the Coastline of Costa Brava
The Landing

A video of fellow blogger John O’Nolan landing (with voice commentary by Keith Jenkins).

Skydive Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is the largest marina in Costa Brava, the northeastern coast of Spain. As skydiving expert Santi Corella from Skydive Empuriabrava mentions, this is the only drop zone in the world that is close to a town/city. With easy access to restaurants and hotels, Empuriabrava makes for an excellent spot to try out skydiving.

from  $279

Skydive in Empuriabrava

 Castelló d'Empúries, Province of Girona, Spain
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Skydive Empuriabrava

I had the chance to speak to Santi, who’s traveled the world in search of the best skydiving spots. He’s worked as an instructor for decades, was part of the Spanish national skydiving team for 10 years and is now actively involved in Proyecto Atlas (a project that brings skydiving enthusiasts together to skydive in wingsuits around the world). Here’s a short video clip from Santi.

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