Vancouver’s Gracious & Conveniently Located Four Seasons Hotel

Vancouver’s Gracious & Conveniently Located Four Seasons Hotel

#Vancouver, is a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia. It is a lively and bustling city. When visiting, it is important to have a good location to explore from, which is why I can't explain enough, why the #FourSeasons was fabulous; from great #food, to a practical location and brilliant service. A fantastic place for #relaxation.

After delaying my hotel booking and getting locked out of several first choice hotels in Vancouver for the Travel Blog Exchange event (TBEX) in early June, I lucked out by getting into the Vancouver’s Four Seasons, which is conveniently located downtown on West Georgia Street (the hotel is also a half block from a central train station which goes everywhere in the city as well as to and from the airport). 

Given that I’m a bit of a foodie, my favorite part of the Four Seasons experience was the meal that their food and beverage head organized for us, and of course the service.

Four Seasons is renowned for their service around the globe and Vancouver didn’t disappoint. 

from  $158.26

Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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A few call-outs worth mentioning: 

1. Director of Food and Beverage Stephan Castera is incredibly passionate about food and the experience people have with it. For him, it was about bringing us into a “food and wine” experience with him, not just recommending what we order and having it delivered to our table. Originally from France, he was equally passionate about Canada’s wine as he was the French-styled offerings on the menu. And, the man has a sense of humor and truly cares about customer service, a must for any four star or above to succeed long term. 

the man has a sense of humor and truly cares about customer service

Grant the Chef at the Four Seasons restaurant Yew came to the table, explained how he cooked some of the dishes and why he focused on the style of cooking that he does.

2. A true standout is assistant manager Anna Ng who was on the night shift during my last night in Vancouver. Truthfully, Anna provided some of the best service I may have ever experienced at a hotel. Why? Rather than just respond graciously to my requests and needs, she was proactive about them, from printing out my boarding pass and having it delivered under my door before I went to bed, to changing my Canadian dollars back to U.S. dollars at a favorable rate (many hotels have a less favorable rate because of the convenience) and ensuring that calls were off-limits so I’d get a good night’s sleep. What can I say? She was amazing. Thank you Anna. 

3. Lastly, kudos and thanks to marketing and PR team Samantha and Sarah, who was responsive to queries about the reservation before we arrived as how to manage the city logistically during our stay. The beds were incredibly soft and comfortable, the bathrooms spacious, the Internet worked and everyone I dealt with from email exchanges before my arrival to the day I flew out the door to head to the airport, went above and beyond. 

Amazing design
Amazing design

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