Red Sand Magic at the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Hardap in Namibia

Red Sand Magic at the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Hardap in Namibia

When on the hunt for the ultimate in #relaxation, don't skip the Sossusvlei #Desert Lodge in #Namibia. This place effortlessly combines adventure with luxury, something that's not always easy. Don't miss the early morning and late night light - it's truly magical.

For a little luxury and adventure, try the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge in Hardap, Namibia. From the lodge, you can spend hours on a narrow trail carved into the dunes.

from  $196.05

Hotel Sossusvlei Lodge

 On The C27 Sesriem Namibia, Sesriem, Namibia
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Originally spotted on AFAR where they note, “this literal sea of sand captures the imagination and exploring the area on ATV is such a fun way to do it. The terrain is challenging and chances are you’ll get stuck in the sand at least once.”

They also note that, “the food at and beyond’s Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is impressive. Combine it with the setting and you are easily in the category of 'Most Memorable Meal Ever.' 

And, that the breads and pastas were top notch as was the freshness of the produce.

Ride on the beaten track 
Ride on the beaten track 

Imagine eating locally sourced meats including Springbok and Kudu while eating in the desert under the shade of a tree or the lights of the stars.

Says Joseph, “the early morning and early evening light in Namibia is magical. It brings a peace and serenity much missed in today’s modern world.”

Namibia shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. Although it does not border with Zimbabwe, less than 200 meters of riverbed (essentially the Zambia/Botswana border) separates them at their closest points.

It's so peaceful
It's so peaceful

The dry lands of Namibia were inhabited since early times by Bushmen, Damara, and Namaqua, and since about the 14th century AD by immigrating Bantuwho came with the Bantu expansion. It became a German Imperial protectorate in 1884 and remained a German colony until the end of World War I. 

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