Convenience & Service at Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel

Convenience & Service at Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel

The flashy, fast paced metropolis of #Tokyo has no shortage of #luxury properties where you can rest your head. However, I've found a couple of places I prefer for #relaxation over the others. With a great view of the city of plenty of space to stretch out, these two are my favorites.

What’s so fabulous about staying in 5 star hotels in Tokyo (see our write up on the very impressive Hotel Otani, which we LOVED), is that they feel like 6 star hotels if they were to exist, and their 4 star hotels feel like American 5 star properties. 

On the tail end of my trip in July, I stayed at the ideally located Keio Plaza Hotel which is in a fabulous and central part of the city. Shopping (electronics, clothes and more) are nearby as are great bars, pubs, restaurants, sushi and noodle joints. While those who know me know that I love old world style in both hotels and restaurants, I also really appreciate modern style hotels if done well – in other words, they think of flow, space, lighting and feng shui in great detail. 

from  $255.9

Hotel Keio Plaza

 2-2-1,Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-8330, Tokyo, Japan
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Both the Otani and the Keio Plaza win hands down, not to mention the additional perk of great views of the city. Located in Shinjuku, in the very heart of the Tokyo metropolis, it’s an incredible location for people who need a lot of stimuli. On all sides, there’s colors, sounds, restaurants, and people from all walks of life. 

It’s an incredible location for people who need a lot of stimuli

I randomly ran across a parade in the streets one late afternoon as I was walking around Shinjuku — tons of fun! It can be overwhelming at times, but if you like the energy of Times Square or Shibuya, then you’ll love this location — the nice thing is that the hotel itself is a few blocks walk from the insanity of the energetic pulse, so you have the serenity of a luxurious hotel without the chaos, yet are steps from the bustle of fabulous Tokyo nightlife. 

Amazing room
A gorgeous, spacious room with a fantastic view

Two things to note for those of you who have never stayed in a hotel in Tokyo — they have heated seats with advanced “digital” flushing capabilities, often great views as this appears to be important to Tokyo designers, great closets (complete with all the amenities that used to come in American hotels but no longer do like those old fashioned wooden shoe horns and pads), and over the top lighting functionality. Translation on that last factoid. Imagine being able to lie in bed at night and being able to control every aspect of the lighting in the room without having to leave the bed. 

Imagine being able to lie in bed and control every aspect of the lighting

If you want to dim the light in the right corner, you can, or shut off the light near the door but keep the one on over the bed for late night reading, all of it comes with a simple button click from a control panel by your bed. This may not be a feature at 3 star properties OR all 4 or 5 star properties, but it was certainly the case with the two hotels I stayed at and in two others I viewed. The Keio Plaza Hotel’s service was also top notch. When I walked into the lobby, two people took my luggage immediately and set my bags on a cart while watching over them until I had my keys. Then, two, not one people escorted me to my guest room. The concierge was also out of this world, offering tons of great advice, maps and short cuts to make my navigation of the city easier than I ever could have hoped for…

Entrance into the hotel
The entrance to the Keio Plaza Hotel

The property has 1,435 guest rooms to choose from to accommodate your every need. I tested out their fitness center which offered great views of the city and was just down the hall from a stunning deck pool, which also offered stunning views. It appeared to also be a great choice for business travelers — wifi seems to be of top priority and it was fast. 

Amazing pool
The beautiful deck pool, shimmering in the sunlight

Note: it’s best to check out the pool in the morning or end of day when it’s less windy due to its location, however in the summer, that’s rarely an issue.

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