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Mount Ida

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We have tried to capture the feel of our place here to share with those of you who haven't had the opportunity to visit us yet. This is a challenge, but here we go. We welcome all to come by and experience the wonderful energy that everyone always comments about when they are here. We like to think that we are more than just a place where you can buy crystals and other minerals. We love to meet new people and truly enjoy the exchange of thoughts and ideas that seem to flow so freely around here. Many of our visitors come by for an hour and stay for several, and all leave knowing they have a new friend. So, please enjoy our photo tour - but come by to see us when you're in the area.





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Mount Ida, Arkansas, United States

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Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines

In 1978 I, Richard J. Wegner, discovered the alluring beauty of the Ouachita Mountains in west central Arkansas. The attraction was so great that I began searching for a new home in the Spring of 1979; after the heavy snow in northern Illinois began to melt. After searching for a month, I narrowed my search to the area surrounding Lake Ouachita - a jewel in the mountains. Soon, by word of mouth I located a couple hundred acres nestled in a boxed-in valley. After seeing the virtually undeveloped property, I knew I was home. By the summer I was constructing a log cabin home and other buildings to start up what I thought would be a horticultural business.
One day I discovered broken clear stones in my garden. Curious, I walked the property perimeter to familiarize myself with the land and it new potential. Soon I discovered several shallow trenches around the mountainside. Gleaming in the piles were small quartz crystals. They were everywhere and I felt a deep heartfelt connection to the earth and its glory at that time. I stayed at the site and quietly saw my calling laid out in front of me. My spirit was moved and my previous carefully laid plans were put aside and I began to follow my heart.
My time was spent studying geology and other earth sciences. I didn't consult with existing mining operators because I wished to create a venture based on my vision. In 1980 I started Wegner Enterprises, Inc. and Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines to begin the prospecting on my land and on government lands. The crystals began to emerge from the earth as I and my neighbor Randy hand dug in several areas on my land. Realizing the need for equipment to move the large rock, I leased a excavator; powerful & track mounted. We produced thousands of pounds of high quality clear crystals in a short time. I realized that finding a market entailed a global approach, so I attended the largest marketplace, the 1981 Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows. Once discovered, our crystals sold out in a few days, leaving a week to still sell with no product. I loved the thrill of mining the exquisite crystals, so it was time to expand and hire employees. By 1983 I employed 30 full time workers and we took semi-trucks loaded with many tons of crystals to Tucson and still we sold almost everything except the truck. "Wow", I thought, "the world needs these gemstones" as they went all over the planet.


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