Marti Hemithea Hotel in Datca, Turkey: Reader’s Review

Marti Hemithea Hotel in Datca, Turkey: Reader’s Review

I had the time of my life at the enchanting Marti Hermithea Hotel in Datca, #Turkey. This hotel is pure #luxury for those who seeks an indulging atmosphere of true #relaxation. Here I had the chance to find my zen, while enjoying the splendid #culture, #history and #foodanddrink.

My heart belongs in Turkey and every year, I visit a different location on the Mediterranean coast. This time, I decided the small, but appealing resort of Datca, would be my preference. 

After browsing through the Elixir Holidays website, my interest was captured by the Hotel Hemithea that has 30 luxurious rooms, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant specializing in fine cuisine. Hemithea herself was the Greek Goddess of Health and Beauty and since the hotel offered relaxation and beauty treatments, I reserved a sea view room because I love to indulge in “feel good” activities.

luxurious rooms, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant specializing in fine cuisine

Due to my flight times, I arrived at the small luxury boutique hotel during darkness, so had no idea of the dramatic and beautiful panoramic view of Datca that greeted me the next morning. The Hemithea sits on its own beachfront, like a legendary goddess basking in the sun and the nearby, extensive marina held a plethora of yachts, perfect for boating enthusiasts or anyone hankering to be near the sea.

Décor of the Hemithea Hotel

At sunrise, I opened the diaphanous tulle curtains, and a glimpse of sun stretched towards my patio then veered to highlight the large square shaped Jacuzzi. At the other end of the room were double life-size classical pictures denoting either Aphrodite or other gods/goddesses.

veered to highlight the large square shaped Jacuzzi

Intrigued, I walked to them and pulled out, cleverly hidden entertainment sets as well as everything else, I needed to bask around the pool. The walls continued clockwise to showcase the modern designed closet system with lots of space and an electronic safe.

from  $483.17

Hotel Marti Hemithea

 Orhaniye Koyu Kecibuku Mevkii, Marmaris, Turkey
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The Goddess theme continued in the bathroom with stone and marble generously alternating to give the feeling of solidity and quality. The washbasin design for him and her was clever and witty, the rainforest shower was refreshing and relaxing, and they even had shaving equipment and a variety of fresh smelling and scented toiletries. All of the luxurious rooms in the hotel received intense preparation in their decor.

Activities I did

Throughout my week, I enjoyed spending time around the hotel. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly but I also bought several excursions to see the neighbouring countryside and recommended tourist attractions including the UNESCO site of Xanthos, Lycian Tlos and the natural gorge of Saklikent Gorge. The 18 kilometre sandy beach of Patara Beach was also another favourite place of mine.

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