This Langkawi Tour Might Get You A) Pregnant, B) Drenched, C) All of The Above?

This Langkawi Tour Might Get You A) Pregnant, B) Drenched, C) All of The Above?

It's not often (or ever, really) that I've been told a #boating tour could end up in a pregnancy. But there's a lake in #Malaysia with a very interesting tale - whoever drinks the water from the nearby island will wind up with a bun in the oven. I guess if an island can do that, it's a good thing they are so #family friendly!

Josh and I had been in Langkawi many years ago for a wedding anniversary and thoroughly enjoyed our jet ski island hopping tour. Well, our 2 kids weren’t up for 4 hours of jet skiing, however it didn’t stop us from jumping on an island hopping boat to explore the hidden treasures of Langkawi. 

Our boat
Our boat, it's time to board!
Ready for some fun!
Ready for a fun day out on the water!

Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island)

We started our adventure at Awana Jetty by Resorts World.

After pulling on life vests the captain transported us to Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island). This island is a delightful tourist trap. Clear, warm waters on white sandy beaches. There are no bathrooms or change rooms here, instead we walked into the jungle to change behind palm trees, which didn't offer much cover. So wear your swimmers to the island!

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Island Hopping in Langkawi

 Langkawi Island Langkawi Kedah Malaysia
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You can hire snorkel equipment and other items at a little hut on the beach. We spent about 30 minutes relaxing and playing in the water. It was delightfully warm and despite the swelling number of tourists, it still felt perfectly isolated. However by the time we left more boats were showing up so it was a good time to hop back on our boat and head to our next stop. 

First island
First island, complete with picturesque palm trees and snorkeling spots
Amazing place
A great place to anchor for a bit of swimming

Eagle Watching

Most boat tours will include a stop for wild eagle viewing, where the captain will entice circling eagles with raw pieces of chicken so you get a closer vantage. The problem with this behaviour is that the eagles are so accustomed to being fed now they have almost given up on their natural hunting skills.

There is one nearby island that has been completely overrun by snakes, because the eagles are no longer hungry enough to hunt. It’s almost like a scene out of a Jurassic Park movie. We passed by the broken, dangling sign swaying in the wind, and the tattered jetty with missing floorboards leading into the thick overgrown foliage. Nature has reclaimed this island.

Nice sights
A very strange island where nature has taken back over since the eagles no longer hunt here

We stopped to watch the eagles, however our environmentally conscious guide recognised the situation and asked our captain not to feed the birds. Josh managed to catch some beautiful shots as they flew by chasing food from other boats. Most gorgeous were the White-Bellied Sea Eagle and Brahminy Kite.

Eagle hovering above the water
Eagle hovering above the water
Such a majestic bird
Such a majestic bird

Tasik Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake)

Next up was the legendary Tasik Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake). This is Langkawi’s largest freshwater lake and, when passing by the island, it resembles the outline of a pregnant lady lying on her back. The island is shrouded in mystery, as the lake is thought to possess mythical powers. Women are believed to have become pregnant from drinking the water. Granted, Josh made sure I kept my distance from it the entire time. 

Amazing view
On Pregnant Maiden Lake, passing by the lake's namesake island
Great place
A beautiful and serene day on the lake

It’s a decent hike up one side of the island and into the centre, where the freshwater lake is located. While it’s not overly strenuous, ensure you leave some time to make the hike.

View from the dock
View from the dock with a few perfect swimming spots

Josh and I had visited previously and it had been expanded since we were last there. The lake is super deep – so much so you can’t touch the bottom if you try. A wooden floating platform has been recently added and convenient children’s pools positioned in these. While the pool water is green, the kids didn’t mind and had an absolute blast splashing around.

A nearby sign says life vests are compulsory, which is slightly strange, because you do need to hire the vests and well…we know how to swim. Josh and the kids both jumped in the lake without life vests and no one came running. 

Kids are having fun
The kids are having fun, despite the water's hue!

Recently divers have explored the lake and now offered guided scuba diving.

It wasn’t long before we noticed a creeping grey cloud enveloping the gorgeous mountain backdrop. The crowds began to dissipate and soon we were all alone…right before thick raindrops fell from the heavy-laden sky. We retreated back to our boat, thankfully with umbrellas, although our wet children found the walk back in the rain just as enjoyable.

It wasn’t long before we noticed a creeping grey cloud

Our boat ride home was not as fun as our earlier ride out to the islands. While the initial journey was fast, smooth and filled with sunshine, the return ride was bumpy, cold and miserable. A torrential downpour will tend to do that.

Is that a storm coming?
That's a storm rolling in... 

Caught In The Rain

We huddled together as the chilly rain struck our sunburnt skin. Josh’s camera was in a backpack shielded by an umbrella that our guide was holding.

We were so worried about it, but thank God for that Vanguard bag! It was drenched on the outside, but all the contents remained completely dry.

My son and daughter hid under my thin sarong as the rain smacked their skin causing small pings of pain.

If you do happen to get caught in a sudden downpour, my suggestion would be to find shelter and wait it out. Give it an hour and the sky could look entirely different.

Give it an hour and the sky could look entirely different

By the time our boat returned to Langkawi’s mainland the rain had reduced to a drizzle and we were more than happy to disembark from what otherwise was a thoroughly enjoyable boat trip.

Yup, rain!
Yup, rain is pouring down, soaking us through and through

The Verdict

Being made up of over 99 islands, exploring Langkawi by boat makes a lot of sense. And if discovering the history, geography, flora and fauna of Langkawi isn’t enough, you might even end up pregnant by the end of this tour. Either way, an enjoyable day out. 

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