5 Things to do With Kids in Antigua, Guatemala

5 Things to do With Kids in Antigua, Guatemala

#Guatemala is a fun destination all its own, filled with rainforests, and volcanos, and more than enough to satisfy the whole #family. Chocolate making classes, playgrounds, and water parks prove Guatemala can impress even the littlest visitors with its vibrant #culture.

Guatemala is full of rich history and culture that adults will find astounding, but what about the kids? We spent a day walking the streets with our little Princess, but here are all the things she wished she could have done that day.

1. Chocolate Making

After doing our own class we knew the kids would get a real kick out of this and we were right. The kids had a blast making, or rather eating, chocolate. And you get to take it all home.

from  $23

Bean to bar Chocolate Workshop in Lima

 Lima, Peru
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The kids had a blast making, or rather eating, chocolate.
Mia the Chocolate monster!
Mia the chocolate monster!

2. Carpet Making

I have heard the carpets are made all year by some, but at Semana Santa (Easter) you will find plenty of them. Usually made with coloured sawdust, the kids were invited outside one of the hotels to help make one of these beauties.

Carpet making
Carpet making

3. McDonalds Playground

What’s so special about McDonald’s? This McDonald’s is one of the only branches in the world without noticeable golden arches. It is in a colonial building with gorgeous gardens and surrounds. The playground is an added bonus for the kids, while mums can sip tea in the delightful courtyard.

The McDonald's playground
The McDonald's playground, much nicer than you'd expect!

4. Porta Hotel Antigua

This hotel caters well for its guests. You can use the facilities too either by paying a fee or simply by ordering lunch. They have a pool, playground and kids club.

The kids club at Porta Hotel Antigua
The kids club at Porta Hotel Antigua

5. Xocomil Water Park

Xocomil Water Park
Xocomil Water Park

This water park is more than a day trip, you might like to make it an overnight trip as it is a good 4 hours away. But it's worth it. Much like our beloved Waterbom Park in Bali, this waterpark is awesome. It’s packed with countless slides and water playgrounds just for the kids. 

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