The Old Town Regensburg

The Old Town Regensburg

The small town of Regensburg, #Germany is composed of narrow streets and a mix of buildings from different #architectural styles. The #culture of the town revolves around the Danube River, and you can still cross the famous 12th century stone Roman Bridge. Head down some of the hidden side streets to escape the tourist traps, or try a guided #tour to hit the highlights.

Old Town of Regensburg With Stadtamhof, Germany

Explore the maze of Regensburg’s small streets and you’ll be lost in perpetual time travel. The narrow, sometimes dark, alleyways are a legacy of the medieval city on this site. But there’s evidence of much more before and after.

The narrow, sometimes dark, alleyways are a legacy of the medieval city

Romans first built up Regensburg, using it as a fortification and trading city from about 179AD. It was built of stone and the large temple erected in the city started the series of grand religious buildings that were to come.

Old Town Regensburg, Germany
Alleyway in Regensburg
Public Square in Regensburg

In the early Middle Ages, Regensburg grew and prospered. Many of the Roman buildings were not destroyed but expanded and renovated to accommodate its role as the main centre for the Bavarians. These constant changes have left an intriguing mix of Roman, Romanesque and Gothic buildings.

Old Town Regensburg, Germany

It’s the architecture from the 11th to 13th century that really defines how the city looks today, though. 

It’s the architecture from the 11th to 13th century that really defines how the city looks today, though

The market, the city hall and the cathedral don't seem like out-of-place landmarks but like the joints that keep everything together.

Medieval Architecture in Regensburg
Roman-Influenced Architecture

The small streets and alleys, winding around to new discoveries of public squares and churches, come to an abrupt end at the Danube River. This is the northernmost point of the river and it flows wide and strong here. 

From the centre of the historic town, you can cross the river on the famous Roman Bridge that was constructed from stone in the 12th century and still stands today, connecting more modern parts of Regensburg.

Alleyway in Regensburg

More recently, Regensburg has become known as a bit of a digital hub with companies like Siemens, Toshiba and Amazon setting up base in the area. A BMW production plant in Regensburg is also a large employer of residents here. 

But there is no sense of the modern developments of the city in the historic centre, most of which survived the bombing of the Second World War.

Public Square in Regensburg

Visiting Regensburg, Germany

To get the most out of a visit to Regensburg, the best thing to do is just walk through its streets. Even the buildings of no particular note that line the alleyways all come together to create the sense of medieval city.

The particular highlights of the city are all within a very easy walking distance of each other. 

The particular highlights of the city are all within a very easy walking distance of each other

From the Roman Bridge, walk up into the centre of town to see the cathedral, cut across to the old town hall, through the Haidplatz square and over to St James’s Scottish Church.

St James' Scottish Church

The various public squares are nice places to stop for a rest. The fountains or statues in the centre of many of them are little homages to the city’s past and the buildings surrounding them have authentic and artistic facades.

Public Square in Regensburg

Regensburg is popular with tour groups that move in large mobs but they tend to stick to the main streets. Getting away from the obvious paths and exploring the alleyways will not just give you a bit more peace, it will also show you how small businesses and residences of today have been incorporated into the original buildings.

Where is Regensburg?

Regensburg is in Bavaria, about halfway between Munich and Nuremberg.

You can see it on a map here.

How much does it cost to visit Regensburg?

Entry to most public buildings in the city is free.

There are English language guided tours of the city at 1:30pm on Wednesday and Saturday from the tourist information office. It costs 8 € for an adult and 5 € reduced.

from  $8

Regensburg Guided Tour

 Regensburg, Germany
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How to get to Regensburg

To get to the city, you can take the train to Regensburg station. The old town is about a ten minute walk from there.

Where to stay to visit Regensburg

I stayed at the DJH Youth Hostel in Nuremberg which is inside an old castle but has a very friendly and modern feel.

Top tip

Cross the old Roman Bridge away from the historic centre to see Stadtamhof, a small island of buildings that is also part of the World Heritage Site.

Official website

You can find out more information here about the visiting Regensburg.

Time Travel Turtle was supported by DB Bahn, the German National Tourist Board and Youth Hostels in Germany but the opinions, over-written descriptions and bad jokes are his own.

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