Experience a Zombie Apocalypse in Warrington, UK

Experience a Zombie Apocalypse in Warrington, UK

If you are looking for an #active day fighting #zombies (yes, I did say zombies) then Zed Zombie Events has something special for you. In #Warrington, United Kingdom, you can test your survival skills at the Zombie Apocalypse.

Somewhere along the grapevine I had heard of ‘zombie camp’ being ran in the UK. Naturally, being the zombie enthusiast that I am, I had to investigate this event. After doing some research I came upon Zed Events. Was this really true, a full on, survival of the fittest, zombie apocalypse, complete with weapon training and combat tactics? So far, this was sounding pretty awesome. So, I decided to send in our Fairytale Traveler U.K. correspondent, Scott Malthouse and fellow zombie enthusiast, to go in there and, well…kick some ass. -Christa Thompson

...a full on, survival of the fittest, zombie apocalypse, complete with weapon training and combat tactics?

By the Fairytale Traveler’s Contributing Author, Scott Malthouse.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect as I was whisked through Warrington, in a taxi. The driver was speculating what was going to happen to me when I told him that I wanted to be dropped off at an old derelict manor house seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Sure enough, upon entering the grounds, we skirted past a man dressed in black military gear, two-way radio in hand and made our way up to the silent mansion which stood gaunt on a bleak Sunday afternoon.

Photo by Scott Malthouse
Photo by Scott Malthouse

After paying my fair and being given a sympathetic nod by my nervous chauffeur I was greeted by a big Zed Zombie Events banner and a woman in similar black garb as the man before, but sporting a bright pink wig. She took my name, I grabbed some overalls, and joined the 20 other people about to be put through the undead ringer. There was no turning back now.

Photo by Scott Malthouse
Photo by Scott Malthouse

This was the Zombie Manor, an experience concocted by the twisted minds of the guys at Zed Zombie Events. The company runs events like these across England, including a Dawn of the Dead style mall experience and an overnight zombie camp, however I was told by one of the staff members that Zombie Manor was one of the best.

After we geared up it was on with weapons training where we split into groups and had a go at trying out or air-soft shotguns for the first time. The staff were great at keeping in character, even when they were having to yell at one or two young idiots in the group for doing all the wrong things.

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Zombie Apocalypse Experience in Warrington

 Warrington, United Kingdom
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I must be careful in this review not to give away too much, because there are twists and surprises galore throughout the event, but I will explain the basics of what horrors I was plunged into that day.

The Zombie Apocalypse

The world has descended into panic as the slow infestation of the un-dead marches across the globe, consuming everything living in its path. Not much is known about the source of infection but it quickly spread as borders crumbled and defenses were overrun. Governments just failed to understand what they were up against. The world is in tatters; it’s time to start your survival plan! -Zed Events

After we were trained in safely clearing out a series of rooms (a more complex procedure than you might expect, but necessary if you don’t want to end up at the molar-end of a hungry cadaver), we were put into teams and followed our respective corporal on a series of objectives, beginning in the forested area around the grounds and culminating in an assault on the mansion itself.

Everything was meticulously planned and scripted as we hunted for clues, objects and ultimately tried to stay alive. We wandered through pitch black corridors, explored a disturbing abandoned nursery and searched a super creepy laboratory, all the while being ambushed by zombies. The storyline was fantastic, upping the fear level in every location. The whole day ended with something very special – but my lips are sealed.

Photo by Zed Events
Photo by Zed Events

As I say, I don’t want to spoil the surprises, but it’s safe to say that Zed Zombie Events put on an amazing show at the Zombie Mansion. The staff and zombie actors were all amazing and while the experience was around three hours long it felt much longer and I would definitely go back again.

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