Porto: the Unvanquished City

Porto: the Unvanquished City

#Porto is a place you definitely have to visit if you are planning on going to #Portugal any time soon. It has stunning architecture, rich history, and extremely delicious food. Go and explore the city by foot and you will most certainly fall in love with it.

If we would ask you about a place that has an average of more than 300 days of sun, amazing gastronomy and very welcoming people, where would you guess that is?

Yes, it is Portugal! That little place located in the southwestern Europe. There are so many beautiful cities to talk about, but today it is time to talk about Porto: The Unvanquished City.

Porto is a synonymy of a distinctive accent, unique dishes and remarkable atmosphere which you can realize only by walking in the streets.

remarkable atmosphere

There are so many things to say about this city... But I will just tell you a few things you cannot miss in order to spend a pleasant day in this charming city.

The first required stop, the moment you go to the city center is the São Bento station. This station was inaugurated in 1916 and it is known for its 20 thousand tile panels which narrate scenes of the History of Portugal. For the people who likes history, those panels represent not only ethnographic scenes and landscapes but also Conquest of Ceuta in 1415, the arrival of the King D. João I and Filipa de Lencaste to Porto in 1387 and so on.

Once you leave the train station you will immediately feel enchanted by the beautiful architecture of the city. You can take a walk in the streets passing through the Aliados Avenue and continue till the Clérigos Church which is known by its baroque architecture. There is a big tower in this church, the Clérigos Tower and well, if you do not mind to climb about 180 steps you will have a stunning view of Porto.

you will immediately feel enchanted by the beautiful architecture of the city

Of course, after this visit you will probably be really thirsty so why not stop for a drink? I could say Porto wine, but let's save this for when you visit the Porto Wine Cellars. In the downtown, there are a lot of picturesque places where you can recharge your energies.

Let's start now with the downhill to the Douro river. You will walk in the most famous streets of Porto, passing next to the Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace), and when finally you arrive next to the river, you will be faced with the marvelous view. I advise you to cross the Dom Luís I bridge and enjoy the amazing view! Of course making a boat trip along the Douro river is highly recommended!

you will be faced with the marvelous view

By that time, after all of this, for sure you will be really hungry and wondering which Portuguese specialties you cannot miss.

Francesinha is the typical sandwich from Porto. It is made with bread and different types of meat inside... The secret thing of this sandwich is the special sauce that is put on it!! One of the best places to eat Francesinha is Cufra restaurant. There you can also find another really good specialties.

And after eating THE Francesinha you will have enough energy to go out for some drinks.

The first stop I recommend you the HF Ipanema Porto Hotel. On the roof top you can find a bar with a pool. Moreover, you can see the city from the top, it is an amzing view! Most of the days they have live music, so you can chill there while having a nice Gin.

from  $77

Hotel Hf Ipanema Park

 Rua De Serralves, 124, Porto, Portugal

Porto has a really big nightlife that can please to all types of people. You can start going to the bars at in the streets and end up is a disco. Cheap drinks and entrances are a big plus!!

And well, the night can still continue as long as you want! Just do not forget where you are hosted!!

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