Crystal Water and Yummy Food in Sunny Corfu

Crystal Water and Yummy Food in Sunny Corfu

It was a completely #relaxing holiday, admiring the beautiful views of #Corfu. With plenty of amazing sites and #culture to be discovered, varying from architecture to #nature this #Greek Islands will delightfully charm you.

Corfu is a beautiful Greek island off the border between Greece and Albania and it’s the destination for a perfect relaxing vacation, during which to enjoy the sea. It can easily be reached with direct flights from the main European airports; it is small enough to be explored by can in one week, and big enough to offer several different attractions and different kinds of coasts.

destination for a perfect relaxing vacation

I chose to sleep in Benitses, a village on the eastern coast, in the wonderful Skevoulis Studios: a peaceful little village on a hill, close to the sea, from where to enjoy beautiful view and relaxing silence. I felt like a princess while having by breakfast every morning on the terrace, smelling the scent of eucalyptus trees, and listening to the sound of the leaves.

I felt like a princess while having by breakfast every morning on the terrace

From Benitses, it was very easy to drive to any part of the island, so I started from the beaches in the southwestern part of the island: I could walk for hours along the shore, in the sun, or swim for hours in the sea, before watching the sunset. 

Spectacular sunset
Spectacular sunset

The northern part of the island is completely different: the hills are higher and closer to the coast, so it is easier to watch the sea from high cliffs and enjoy breathtaking views, before going swimming or sunbathing. Just keep in mind to wake up early if you are heading north, because the beaches are small and busy, and it is not that easy to park the car.

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Corfu Island Tour

 Corfu, Greece
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I love spending time on the beach, sunbathing, walking or swimming, but if you are keen on different activities, you can find much to do on the island. Corfu town is quite lively, especially at night, and visitors who are interested in art and history can visit different churches or museums. You won’t get bored!

I love spending time on the beach, sunbathing, walking or swimming

Corfu has another surprise dedicated to those who appreciate tradition and architecture: Austrian princess Sissi built a majestic villa on the island, since she loved it, too. Both the villa and the garden can be visited, and tourists can wander among statues, trees and lowers while enjoying a unique view.

Corfu, Greece
Corfu, Greece

Finally, besides meeting several nice and kind Greek people on the island, I found out that there is another group of locals living on the island: a lot of cats! Cat lovers, like myself, will have a lot fun!

Cute cats in Corfu Greece.
Cute cats in Corfu Greece.

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