The Best way to see all you can in New Zealand

The Best way to see all you can in New Zealand

The great outdoors of #NewZealand will thrill your #nature-loving soul. There are so many different ways you can experience this beautiful country, but a guided tour will take you off the beaten path to some of the country’s most spectacular and little known spots. New Zealand has extraordinary scenery, delicious wine and #culture waiting to be explored.

New Zealand is a relatively small country comprised of three islands: North, South, and Stewart. All boast beautiful and diverse scenery. If you love nature then you are in luck because New Zealand enjoys sandy beaches, turquoise lakes, mountain chains, fjords, volcanoes, glaciers and native rainforests – not to mention all of the wildlife that inhabit these places.

Amazing view
Have you ever seen a view like this?!

The best way to plan ahead for your trip is by consulting with The Road Trip. This company offers customized itineraries so that you can see the best that New Zealand has to offer according to your preferences. The Road Trip offers both guided and self-guided tours, so depending on if you want a host to show you around or you prefer a detailed plan so you can explore the country on your own, both options are available.

The Road Trip offers both guided and self-guided tours

Milford Sound is a popular destination among tourists and there is no secret as to why. Milford Sound is a series of inlets caused by glacier erosion. The inlets are edged in steep cliffs and boast stunning waterfalls. It isn’t uncommon to encounter penguins, seals, dolphins or whales when exploring this natural wonder.

It isn’t uncommon to encounter penguins, seals, dolphins or whales when exploring this natural wonder

Maori people are the indigenous population of New Zealand. Though the situation is not perfect, the government does incorporate a number of initiatives that protect and support Maori communities. Maori is taught in school and is stated as one of the official languages of New Zealand. For more information, I suggest visiting a Maori Village over the course of your stay. The Maori heritage is respected and aspects are woven into daily life in New Zealand. I think that is what makes our country so unique and beautiful.

Great panorama
A panorama of the gorgeous green hills 

If you are familiar with the term "Middle Earth" then I have the perfect trip for you! We have a full itinerary where tourists can relive the stunning footage from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, including a tour of Hobbiton.

from  $2,009

Northern North Island Tour

 North Island, Northland, New Zealand
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A connoisseur of wine would also appreciated visiting a vineyard or two. While New Zealand wines gained recognition through Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, the diverse climate has meant that other varieties have also flourished.

Incredible scenery
Sun-kissed grapes

The warmer climate in the north allows the production of Bordeaux-style blends and Syrah whereas the cooler climate in the South is more suited to Pinot Noir and Riesling.

from  $5,028

New Zealand Wine Trail Tour

 Auckland, New Zealand
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Wherever you go in New Zealand you will find some of the most picturesque vineyards in the world with great tasting facilities and world-class restaurants.

There is no shortage of things to do in New Zealand. We can arrange anything from helicopter rides, ski trips, boat cruises, quad tours and much, much more. It is our job to make sure that you fall in love with New Zealand time and time again. 

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