In a World Full of Boredom, The Way Out is Shanghai

In a World Full of Boredom, The Way Out is Shanghai

Shanghai, #China is the answer to most of my questions. Bored? Get #active by walking around the city streets. Tired? Relax by indulging in local eateries. Closet looking sparse? Try out the incredible #shopping streets. Traveling? You really should try falling in love with Shanghai as I have.

Living in Abu Dhabi used to be one of the most challenging things I've done. The weather itself makes it hard for people used to the European climate! After a while you just get used to the desert climate and try to enjoy the life in the Persian Gulf.

My job makes it easier, as half of the month I'm away traveling and enjoying different parts of the world, trying new food, exploring new cultures.

Panoramic view
Panoramic view

My job as a cabin crew member is not hard, but not easy either; working with different nationalities makes it challenging as well. But then, at the end of the day, they are the family you have for a few days when you're away. Everyday experiences helped me gain more knowledge than I could ever hope for, taught me lessons that I will never forget, and sent me to places I've never ever dreamt of.

At the end of the day, they are the family you have for a few days when you're away.

I got to see some amazing places and I think that even if you get to visit a city all over again, it will never lose its charm. There are always new things to explore and people to share thoughts with.

Shanghai is a great city
Shanghai is a great city

My last destination was Shanghai, a city I could visit over and over again and I would probably never get bored of. Shanghai is the largest populated city in the world and is funny as it has  around 5 million more than the population of my own country, Romania.

Shanghai is the largest populated city in the world.

Well, this city's got a special place in my heart and is on my top 10 places to visit again.

Maybe The Question Is, Why Is It So Special?

Let me start with the beginning. We headed to the hotel tired enough and in need of a few hours of sleep before the adventure starts, but when I arrived in my room, I got to see this breathtaking view of the city, just priceless!

The Sheraton
The Sheraton

My recommendation: Sheraton Shanghai Putong Hotel and Residences

from  $94.33

Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences

 No. 38 Pujian Road, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
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Sky bar restaurant

Hotel in the heart of the city

With the quiet and relaxing inside pool

And a welcome lounge

After few hours of sleep, I woke up around 19:00 in the mood to go have dinner with the crew. Well, I ended up seeing the colorful part of the city. The tall modern buildings lit up and changing colors is just a view that makes you feel alive and gave  me a totally positive energy. My night was not a long one as I was tired after the flight. I did some cheap shopping in their local shops and then headed back to the hotel. By the way, in their cheap local shops prices range from $2-$3, so there are lots of amazing things you can bring as presents to friends or family.

Inside the Sheraton
Inside the Sheraton

The second day I went with one of my Thai friends and fellow crew to Yu Garden (also known as Yuyuan Garden with the translation of "Garden of Happiness"). We took a taxi which was really cheap, around 20CNY ($3), but is also easy to get there with the Shanghai Metro Line 10. The history of the garden is a long one, but I was more impressed of the design, including pavilions, towers, ponds and rockeries in different shapes.

Inside, you can also taste some of their traditional food. It's more expensive than the local restaurants around the city, but it's worth it. Honestly the only thing I can eat in China are the dumplings and only the meat ones, because I'm not a fan of a Chinese food, but whoever likes it, you can find different dishes in there.

Chinese dumplings are my favorite type of food here
Chinese dumplings are my favorite type of food here

After lunch we continue our adventure to The Bund, which is the waterfront area in the center of Shanghai. You see all this modern skyscrapers across the Huangpu River, which makes the area famous and popular among tourists. Apparently they do some cruises on the river, but because the time for us was quite short we just enjoyed the view from there.

Usually my bag when I go on layovers is 10 kg and for this trip it was 41 kg.

After this, we crossed the street and after walking for about 5 minutes, you find Nanjing Road, which is the main shopping street. Shops like Prada, Cartier, and other luxury brands go hand in hand with well-known stores like Zara, and of course the local shops. Shopping here for me was crazy. Even with the stores we have in Abu Dhabi, you don't find the same stuff, and prices are way lower. Usually my bag when I go on layovers is 10 kg and for this trip it was 41 kg. I kept wondering, what have I bought?!

I love this place!
I really do love Shanghai

While my adventure was a short and pleasant one, there's still lots to discover, which I will definitely do next time. I recommend it with confidence, and I don't think anyone will be disappointed by this amazing city. If you're tired of the everyday routine, get lost into Shanghai's streets and you'll just love it like I do. Everything is worth it.

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