Mumbai is not a city, it’s an addiction

Mumbai is not a city, it’s an addiction

#Mumbai in #India slowly grew on me and now I'm besotted by the city, the #culture and the general atmosphere. Its like an addiction, you always want to know more, and discover more, and it surprises you when your least expecting it. I have entered into the #goMowgli campaign for #TheBestTravelJob.

"When my 14 year old self heard the news that my dad was planning to shift base and move in to this new city called "Mumbai”, I wasn't too thrilled. I still remember the first time I stepped foot on the Victoria Terminus (Now CST) platform, it’s been 13 years. Everything was exactly the same as I had imagined - thousands of people walking past you without so much as a second glance. It’s very easy to feel lost in the crowd.

It’s very easy to feel lost in the crowd

For the first one year, I hated the place. You could stay in a building and not know who your neighbours are; your face will just be another in the crowd. Nobody really bothered. I didn't even realise when all of this became my own personality. I was a face in the crowd, but a face that had dreams.

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The first time I saw who my neighbours were, was when I found them hosting 25 strangers at their place during the infamous Mumbai floods. That’s when I realised that the spirit is bigger than the people. You may not accept the city, but the city will accept you. 

the spirit is bigger than the people

You may not speak Marathi but you can still have a real conversation with a complete stranger in the crowd. You may not know where you are going but somehow the road will always take you to your destination. Mumbai is a city where dreams are killed and where they also come true. It is the darkest and the sanest place at the same time. But you cannot ignore this city.

Mumbai is not a city, it’s an addiction. It’s a drug that grows on you, and soon you will not be able to like any other place."

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