Ocean View Inn and Resort in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Ocean View Inn and Resort in Gloucester, Massachusetts

I had a short but sweet visit in #Gloucester, #Boston, and stayed at a fabulous Ocean View Inn. It was extremely #relaxing and had spectacular views of the ocean from my window. I only wish that I had more time to explore the area and the #culture.

Despite the fact that I spent most of my childhood traveling around the United States, I never really made it further north than New York, leaving New England entirely unexplored. I finally had a chance to change that this past July with a whirlwind trip to the Boston area.

whirlwind trip to the Boston area
from  $239

Hotel Ocean View Inn And Resort

 171 Alantic Road, Gloucester, MA, United States
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The trip itself was for a wedding, so there wasn’t much free time to explore (however, I did get to spend a solid four hours creepily investigating cemeteries in Salem).

I stayed at the Ocean View Inn and Resort in Gloucester, which, as the name suggests, has spectacular views of the Ocean. I stayed there for two nights, and while I did not get to stay in the main inn, my room was still quite nice.

spectacular views of the Ocean

What I Liked…

The View

The first, and most obvious talking point is the view, which you can see in the picture above. From my window I could see the main inn (where there were additional, pricier rooms, including the bridal suite), and beyond that the open water of the ocean. At night, distant lights from lighthouses would light up the coastline (they were far enough away to be unobtrusive).

The billiards room, complete with giant fireplace, definitely added to the atmosphere.
The billiards room, complete with giant fireplace, definitely added to the atmosphere.

The Inn

The main inn has a really great old-time feel to it. There’s a room with a pool table, giant fireplaces throughout, and plenty of dining space in the small restaurant (it easily seated the entire wedding, with well over a hundred guests).

The Staff

I have rarely met a more accommodating staff. They were incredibly helpful to me, to the rest of the bridal party, and to the bride herself. They accommodated all of our last minute needs quickly and without complaint.

rarely met a more accommodating staff

The Room

While there was nothing particularly special about the rooms, they were spacious and comfortable. My favorite feature was the back door, which opened out onto a small patio where you can watch the ocean while enjoying breakfast.

What I Didn’t Like…

The Heat

I understand that New England has short summers, especially compared to those in Texas, but it does get hot there, and the wedding I was attending happened to be taking place on a day with record-breaking heat. This would have been fine, if the inn had central air conditioning. Unfortunately, the entire place was cooled only by a few window units. This made it unbearably hot, and I found myself frequently escaping up to one of the empty rooms just so I could breathe. The main lodge, though, which doubles as an event center, became very sweaty very quickly.

The Public Bathrooms

There were two single stall unisex bathrooms in the Inn. For a quiet breakfast this wasn’t a problem, but in the case of a large event, like a wedding, the line became quite long. I eventually resorted to using the bridal suite (bridesmaid privilege!).

The Showers

I’m hoping that my showering experience was unique to my room. I’ll spare you the gory details, but let’s just say that it was special. As my husband so aptly asked, “Who put a Wingardium Leviosa spell on the shower curtains?” They spent the duration of my shower actively attacking me, making things like, oh, showering a bit difficult.

Overall Ranking: 9/10

While there are a few tweaks that could definitely improve the visitor experience, I had a pleasant time and I really appreciated the staff’s helpfulness. If I ever find myself back in the Gloucester area, I would definitely consider staying there again.

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