"Are you happy, Geri?"

"Are you happy, Geri?"

There are few things that can make you feel as alive as when you go down the river while #rafting. It is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. This experience was made even more unforgettable thanks to #Albania 's stunning nature.

Rati -our very cute guide- (we're born on the same day, I simply can't fail to mention that!) kept asking his friend, now comfortably seated in front. We had been the most popular team of the previous year ("Best Rafting Team 2015") and we were back to claim our prize - a trip down Osumi River. And to revisit our friends.

As our team had dropped one member over the last year, Andra and I were in need of some paddling force, given that Marcel would follow us again by kayak. This is where Rati's friends, Geri and Bani, stepped in.

Our team

Nothing seemed changed: the same glorious landscape, the same mountains ahead, the same songs and laughter along the 2-hour ride to our starting point. We were finally there: a higher water level and some muddier rapids this time.

Stunning nature

However, where there are minuses, there are also pluses: the waterfalls -some of them barely perceivable a year prior- were rich and spectacular. The guys enjoyed them to the full and I was very happy that they experienced these joyous times and plunges under the cool drops of water during our descent. We had stops, panoramas, and a small picnic through the canyon, but we also had obstacles. A tree trunk brought in by the greater waters and stuck in the narrowest section of the canyon. It was documented, passed, and has been cut since.

As we remembered, we stumbled upon the birds, the rock-hewn statues, and the Argonath-like exit from the canyon. The river itself changes in a continuous manner, yet the steadier forms around it do not.

I stood looking at Osumi after I'd changed into my dry clothes, envisioning our return to Castle Park Hotel and then to our mountainous home. What turns the most beautiful day of your trip (again!) into one of the most beautiful days of your life?

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Rafting in Albania

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Nothing seemed changed, yet change was as present as the air itself and -although I embrace it and encourage it-, I did not understand its purpose that time around and I stopped seeking the answers altogether.

What I know is what I love.

What I know is what I love. And what I love is Albania, its splendour, and its people. Although they say that sequels are not as jaw-dropping as the original, I still believe in timing and in new opportunities for falling in love. I will always believe.

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