Early memories in Thirthahalli

Early memories in Thirthahalli

#Thirthahalli, #India, holds a special places in my heart as was the home of my grandparents. Here I was inspired to be an artist by the #culture, as well as learning much about #foodanddrink. I have decided to share this wonderful town for #goMowgli's #TheBestTravelJob campaign.

The mango tree, just opposite my grandfather’s courtyard was mine. I lazed around the courtyard looking at the inhabitants of the tree - running squirrels, fighting crows, chirpy magpies and the laughter of crickets. The strong perfume of Parijaatha wafted in the air. Wild flowers bloomed on the mossy compounds made up of Areca nut trunks. This is Thirthahalli. I grew up spending my lazy summers at my grandfather’s house in Thirthahalli in Shimoga district of Karnataka.

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It is here in the simple village of Malnad I first experienced freedom in its purest form. There is something about the deepest forests of the Western Ghats that makes me feel home. Is it the musk smell of moist earth or the tender love of my grandparents that makes me want to go back to Thirthahalli again and again?

I first experienced freedom in its purest form

People of Thirthahalli are known for their generous hospitality and infectious chit chatter. Visit anybody’s house in Thirthahalli, I promise you will be greeted with affectionate eyes, a strong cup of filter coffee and jackfruit chips. The sunset of Agumbe, the fresh waters of Achakanye falls, the ruins of Nagara fort and Kavaledurga, the roaring Jog falls, the magnanimity of Kundadri and fresh air of Kodachadri, the Kavishaila at Kuppali, the peaceful Basadis of Humcha, the mighty Tunga river and the dreamy streams of Sharavathi – everything about Thirthahalli evokes a sense of belonging. Eating Ben Dubathasu (sugar coated sweets) of Yelemaase Jatre (local fair) in Thirthahalli and crispy chaklis kodbales (home-made savouries) prepared by my grandmother is now a dream. I miss playing paga De (dice) on the red-oxide floors, I miss shooing away the greedy monkeys which pried on my grandmother’s Happala (paapad).

everything about Thirthahalli evokes a sense of belonging

Every corner of my native place has feelings and can speak poetry. Rain soaked Thirthahalli is a celebration in itself, which I will always hold close to my heart. The rustic elegance of Thirthahalli taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature. Amongst the meandering flies and whispering trees, the artist in me bloomed. Thirthahalli is my place where I want to live. What is yours?"

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