White Water Rafting at Rio Pacuare, one of the Best in the World

White Water Rafting at Rio Pacuare, one of the Best in the World

White water rafting was one of the best activities I did in #CostaRica. The perfect chance to get #active whilst in the middle of middle of some beautiful #nature, rafting tested me because it was so physical! Although some parts were a bit nerve-wracking, it was a great #adrenaline rush and all of our group enjoyed it.

Forward! Hard! Duro, duro!

I could hear our guide’s voice behind me, yelling us to paddle stronger as we quickly approached the next rapid.

I tightened my grip and paddled as hard as I could, sputtering water out of my mouth and bracing for the wave to hit us.


Water splashed all over me and I found myself teetering on the edge of the raft with my arms flailing in the air.

Yeison grabbed my jacket and pulled me back in, preventing fall number 2.

I found myself teetering on the edge of the raft

Yes, we were voluntarily white water rafting at Rio Pacuare in Costa Rica, a 108 kilometer long river that is famous for being one of the best places for rafting in the world.

Were we crazy?

Probably, but then we were in good company with lots of other locos who wanted to brave the rapids and go on an adventure like no other.

The white water rafting locos
The white water rafting locos

White Water Rafting at Rio Pacuare

Rio Pacuare is on the Caribbean side of the country, bordering Talamanca mountain range. Not only is the river one of the best in the world, it’s home to a huge range of wildlife and the native Cabecar Indians.

I had been anxiously wanting to do rafting at this particular river after everything I’ve heard about it and now I can finally kick it off my bucket list!

Rio Pacuare 1 day Trip

Our one day tour consisted of rafting 19 miles from San Martin to Siquirres on Class III and Class IV rapids. Rapids are classified on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being deathly dangerous and 1 being very small and easy. So class 3 and 4 rapids were right in the middle and quite large.

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Single Day Whitewater Rafting Tours

 Costa Rica
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We got picked up bright and early at 5:40 AM by Rios Tropicales in San Jose for a long bus ride to the river. After a full breakfast, we reached the river shore and started getting ready for our exciting adventure!

You’ve probably seen Jurassic Park right? Remember how beautiful the park was with lush jungle? That’s pretty much what came to my head when we reached the river (except for the dinosaurs).

Everywhere you look is green green green! Especially since we are in rainy season so the forests are abundant and thriving. It felt so peaceful and serene to gaze at all the nature around us.

the forests are abundant and thriving
The beautiful green forests

Here we go!

Our guide taught us the different commands and what to do in case of emergency. At this point, there was no turning back and all I could do was set my nerves aside and enjoy the beautiful ride.

The first rapid came pretty fast, just a few seconds after we pushed off. As we twisted and turned, I couldn’t help but scream “Wheeeee!” It was like going on a roller coaster and I do love roller coasters!

Roller coaster rapids!
Roller coaster rapids!

Yeison has done this exact rafting before at least 5 times so I was expecting him to be some what of an expert. He’d already gone through the worst possible scenarios so imagine my surprise when he was the first one to fall off the raft! We hit a rapid and plop! He fell backwards and disappeared into the water.

Thank goodness for guides. Our guide Otto grabbed Yeison and yanked him back onto the boat like nothing. “Haha you fell first!” I teased Yeison. But the teasing didn’t last long as we hit another rapid and I had to concentrate on paddling and keeping myself from falling!

As we were rafting down the river, I couldn’t help myself from saying “Wow.” There were beautiful cascading waterfalls, birds flying everywhere and intense jungle on both sides. The air you breathed in felt like the purest and freshest air on earth and I just wanted to savor that feeling.

There were beautiful cascading waterfalls

At one point, it started pouring down rain but none of us cared. It felt amazing! I looked up to the sky, closed my eyes and embraced the water falling on my face, relishing every drop. It felt magical, almost unbelievable that we were in a place so beautiful. This was pura vida.

La pura vida
La pura vida

Around halfway down the river, the class IV rapids started appearing and quite a few of them too. It was time for the true test of our strength and skill.

Forward hard!

This rapid looked pretty intense and from the sounds coming from the other boats, it seemed like a few people fell out or were very close. Although my shoulders were hurting, I took the paddle and went forward hard.

It was time for the true test of our strength and skill

I’m not sure what happened right after because the next thing I remember, I was in the water and I could feel myself slipping underneath the boat. I threw up my hands to grab onto anything and I miraculously got hold of the safety line. I tugged on it, pulled myself up and then all of a sudden, I was on the raft again!

Otto the savior pulled me up and thankfully I was only underwater for a few seconds. But my joy didn’t last long, I had to grab my paddle and get ready for the next rapid!

As we approached the next rapid, I was looking at Yeison who was sitting across from me in the back. I paddled hard, looked up and saw everyone fall out of the raft! It was just me and Otto left and our boat was quickly swirling away from the rest of our companions.

I threw out the handle of my paddle for someone to grab but we were too far. Paddle backwards now! Otto yelled. I paddled back as hard as I could to get closer to our group. Otto pulled up one guy, then the girl with Yeison on his way but we were missing one! I looked around frantically but I had to keep paddling.

We’re missing one! By that time, everyone was scrambling around on the boat trying to get situated and I saw a raft float next to me with our last companion in it. Phew! At least he was saved!

All aboard!
All aboard!

We survived!

Boy was I sore when we got out of the raft, I had trouble walking! But what a beautiful and exciting day it was. White water rafting is definitely the best activity I’ve done in Costa Rica so far and the Rio Pacuare lived up to all the expectations. I know there are other places in Costa Rica to do it but I don’t think they even compare to the power of the Pacuare!

what a beautiful and exciting day it was

If you go, go with Rios Tropicales. They are one of the oldest companies in Costa Rica and have been operating tours since the 1980’s so they know all the ins and outs of the river. The guides were awesome, their breakfast and lunch was delicious and I felt incredibly safe with them.

Watch our video to see the all the excitement for yourself! (and Yeison and I falling out)

What to Know Before you go:

This is an all day tour so get a good night’s rest. You’ll need all the energy you can get!

Wear clothes that can get wet and dry easily. Wear your swimsuit underneath.

Bring a change of clothes and a towel

You can leave all your stuff on the bus during the tour and it’ll meet you at the end

Waterproof cameras only! We attached our GoPro to Yeison’s helmet. Just make sure to bring the helmet mount

Wear closed toed shoes or hiking sandals with the toes covered. Our KEENs were perfect

If you want to wear sunglasses, bring a strap or else they will fall off. You can also buy one at the gift shop

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