Selvatura Park in Monteverde – Flying Over the Cloud Forest

Selvatura Park in Monteverde – Flying Over the Cloud Forest

Selvatura Park in #CostaRica is a great place to get #active whilst still appreciating some beautiful #nature. The park has some incredible ziplines and you won't forget the #adrenaline rush you feel as your soar over the forest! Whilst you're there, don't miss out on the insect exhibition or the #foodanddrink included in your park entrance ticket.

Monteverde is famous for their ziplines because they are the first ones to set up a zipline in Costa Rica. Actually, they set up the zip line not for fun and entertainment but for a completely different reason: to send lunch.

The workers who collected coffee would go out deep in the jungle and they didn’t have the time or energy to walk all the way back so they set up these cables in the trees to send their food down. What a genius idea!

Nowadays it’s one of the most popular tours and activities to do in Costa Rica. If you ever get a chance to go, do it!

The feeling of soaring over the cloud forest is one you won’t ever forget. You might conquer your fear of heights forever after it and the Selvatura Park in Monteverde is one of the best places to do so.

The feeling of soaring over the cloud forest is one you won’t ever forget

Selvatura Park in Monteverde

We went to the Selvatura Park to enjoy a full day of ziplining, hanging bridges, lunch, butterfly and hummingbird garden and the insect, snake and frog exhibition.


The ziplining was obviously the highlight of the day and it was like no zipline I’ve ever done before. You can’t go upside down or do any tricks on these ziplines and I was disappointed at first but I soon realized why.

You are so high up in the trees that it would be much safer to zip line normally and you don’t want to miss the view. There are 15 cables and 18 platforms that give you one of the most spectacular views of the cloud forest.

from  $45

Zipline Adventure in Selvatura Park

 Selvatura Adventure Park, Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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It was my brother and our friends’ first time zip-lining so I was excited to see how they’d like it. I’ve never been to Monteverde before so I was equally excited as well. I couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces, especially when we got to the last cable.

Ziplining through the forest
Ziplining through the forest

Selvatura Park has one of the longest ziplines in Costa Rica and it is the only one that is located within the Monteverde Cloud Forest. You fly through the forest and each cable goes higher and longer.

They just recently opened a new circuit in the park using Deltex wired carbon fiber technology which makes the cables quieter, more resistant and environmentally friendly. Selvatura is the only place in Monteverde to use this material!

You fly through the forest and each cable goes higher

Right before you do the last cable, they redirect you to a platform where you can tarzan swing (optional). I had watched a video of this on Youtube from 2010 but they changed it to make it safer. It was still exhilarating and not as scary as it looked in the video.

The last zip line is 1000 meters! (1 kilometer or .6 of a mile). That is LONG! And this one took you right above the forest. It’s so long that they make you go in pairs or else there isn’t enough weight and you would most likely get stuck in the middle.

This view was absolutely breathtaking, you could see all around you for miles and miles. Unfortunately our GoPro decided to take a vacation and ruined the videos we took of that zipline but I’ll never forget that view.

Coming in fast on the last cable!
Coming in fast on the last cable!

Hanging Bridges

After the zip line, we walked to the hanging bridges. There are 8 of them total that go around the park and you can watch people ziplining. It’s a good walk, around 3 kilometers with lots of animal viewing opportunities.

The bridges range from an altitude of 36 feet to 180 feet and they are very strong. It can hold up to 80 people on one bridge, spanning 5 feet wide.

View from one of the bridges. You can watch people zipline
View from one of the bridges. You can watch people zipline
Hanging out on the hanging bridges
Hanging out on the hanging bridges

Hummingbird Garden

There is a little garden where you can go and visit hummingbirds. There are 4 feeders and tons of these little beautiful birds humming around. I think there are at least 6 or 7 different species of hummingbirds present and there was one big purple one that was my favorite, but way too fast for me to get a picture.

Out of the 800+ species of birds in Costa Rica, hummingbirds are definitely one of my favorites.

Gorgeous bird
Gorgeous bird


Lunch was included in our ticket price at the park’s restaurant. They offer you an appetizer of soup or salad and a main entree, a casado with sirloin steak, fish, or rice with chicken.


Butterfly Garden and Reptile Exhibition

For animal lovers, this is the place to be if you’re in Monteverde. Selvatura Park has a huge butterfly garden with over 50 different species. This tour comes with a guide and he showed us caterpillars, different cocoons for different butterflies and gave us general information about the main species in Costa Rica.

Selvatura Park has a huge butterfly garden

Next they took us to the snakes, frogs and insect exhibition. This part also included a guided tour in both Spanish and English.

Jesus Christ lizard and poison dart frog
Jesus Christ lizard and poison dart frog

Insect Collection

The insect collection is pretty amazing – it’s the world’s third largest private collection. There are no live animals, just the collection by Dr. Richard Whitten, a world-renowned etymologist. Instead of freaking me out, I was completely in awe seeing all the different sizes and species of insects.

There are huge scorpions, spiders, butterflies the size of your head and cockroaches the size of your hand. I knew Costa Rica has big bugs but these are on a whole different level!

Huge scorpions.
Huge scorpions.


Selvatura Park in Monteverde has one of the best ziplines in the area and also showcases the wildlife and nature in Costa Rica extremely well. For the 2 short days we spent in Monteverde, we got a great value for our money.

My brother and our friends had an amazing time and I would go back in a heartbeat. What better way to enjoy the beauty of the Costa Rican cloud forest than soaring over the top of it?

Our video of ziplining at Selvatura Park.

Tips for Visiting Selvatura Park in Monteverde

Wear closed toe shoes or sandals like Yeison’s KEENs.

It is chillier up in the cloud forest so bring a jacket. Make sure to bring a rain jacket in green season since it’s likely it’ll rain.

There are lockers to put your backpacks while you zipline.

Tarzan swing is optional.

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