Race up to 45 MPH at Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas

Race up to 45 MPH at Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas

I loved go karting in #LasVegas! This #active experience saw me zipping around the track, racing my friends and skidding on the corners. It was a total #adrenaline rush! If you're looking for an alternative activity in Las Vegas, go karting is a great option for you!

If you love driving and go kart racing, you’ll want to stop by a certain place in Las Vegas that offers Indoor Go Kart racing fit for Nascar wannabes. Pole Position Raceway is an indoor go kart facility that lets you zip around corners and race against your friends using state of the art technology. Forget all the past go kart racing you’ve done before, this track will blow them all away.

Run by 3 men who have years of background and experience in motorcycle, dirt and speed racing, their mission statement is to “create an exciting environment where casual drivers and professional racers have a chance to test their skills against one another on equal terms.” This isn’t a place for the light hearted!

We wanted to explore Las Vegas beyond the strip because I knew there had to be more to it than just gambling so when we found out about Pole Position, we happily said yes. There was no way I’d pass up a chance to zoom around and race against Yeison!

Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas

Pole Position sign outside
Pole Position sign outside

State of the art go Kart Technology

As soon as you step inside Pole Position, you see everything to do with cars and speed. It’s a large facility with the track in the back and a large board on the side to show racing times. There are go karts on display, jerseys and various other racing memorabilia around.

Suits and cars inside pole position
Suits and cars inside pole position

The go karts used at Pole Position aren’t your standard ones made for kids, these electric ones go up to a speed of 45 mph! They invested over $10 million to develop a technology that was more eco-friendly than the normal gas engines used in other go karts. These go karts can handle speed better and can accelerate faster so you can satisfy your need for speed.

these electric karts go up to a speed of 45 mph
from  $22

Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas

 Pole Position Raceway, South Arville Street, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Yeison and I signed in, suited up (we got these funny ski mask looking things to protect our head) and got ready to race. Each race lasts about ten minutes and it is ten minutes of pure fun and joy. We hopped into our go karts and got ready to take off.

State of the art go karts
State of the art go karts

The Race

I hadn’t been in a go kart for ages and I started off pretttty slow (hey it felt fast at the time) and Yeison quickly lapped me halfway through. There are curves and turns to make the track fun and exciting so no matter how many times you go around, each time is different. It took me a bit to get a hang of it and after I realized just how fast these things can go, well you can imagine how I let my speedster side go!

There are curves and turns to make the track fun

I loved how Pole Position completely embraced the art of go karting, they had a worker wave the flags for stop and go and if you’re driving a bit recklessly.

This Isn’t Your Standard go Kart Race

I’m a bit embarrassed to report that Yeison totally kicked my butt in our race but we had a blast. The feeling of going fast is definitely addictive! I loved zooming on the straight-aways and the sound of the engine was music to my ears as I accelerated faster and faster.

For an alternative activity on the Strip, this is an amazing option

For an alternative activity on the Strip, this is an amazing option. You can come with a big group of friends and have a blast racing against each other. Doesn’t matter how old you are, any age will have a great time here as you’ll feel like you’re flying when you zip around. The best part is that it’s indoor and open 7 days a week so you can come fill your adrenaline rush whenever you want.

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