Private Sunset Sailing in Playa Jaco

Private Sunset Sailing in Playa Jaco

One of our favorite #active activities to do is #sailing. Living so close to the ocean gives us many opportunities to go and enjoy various water activities and although we don’t own a yacht or catamaran, we jump at any opportunity to go out into the water and here we are in #PlayaJaco!

One of our favorite activities to do is sailing. Living so close to the ocean gives us many opportunities to go and enjoy various water activities and although we don’t own a yacht or catamaran, we jump at any opportunity to go out into the water.

Sailing is not an easy sport. There’s plenty of technical aspects and you really need to have experience and knowledge of the ocean, wind, tides, waves, including all the components to what could make a good sailing day or a bad sailing day. When you go on a sailing tour, you want to go with somebody who knows what they’re doing.

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Outrigger Canoe and Snorkeling Tour

 Playa Agujas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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We went on a sailing tour with Kayak Jaco and with our one captain, I felt like we were in very good hands. Neil, the owner of the company has been doing sailing tours in Jaco for 16 years and has been sailing and kayaking his whole life.

Now this is a man who knows his way around a boat!

Sailing in Playa Jaco

Playa Herradura as we left the beach
Playa Herradura as we left the beach

We set sail off of Playa Herradura, about a 15 minute drive from Playa Jaco. Playa Herradura is located within Bahia Herradura which then goes out into the Pacific Ocean.

This catamaran was a bit smaller than others we’ve been on, around 25 feet. There is a large cockpit in the middle for sitting and trampolines on the sides where you can sit or lay down to admire the view. It perfectly fits around 6 adults and is the ideal boat for an intimate tour.

Neil only takes the catamaran out for private tours so wherever you want to go, he’ll take you. When you want to go, how long with at least 2 hours or you can just ask him to take you to the best spots and enjoy the ride.

f you come with a party of 6, such as your friends or your family, you will have the best time. Sometimes when you go on a boat ride, your experience isn’t as memorable or enjoyable because of the other parties if they are rude or obnoxious.

However, on Neil’s boat it’s private parties only so it really is the ideal environment for a group of family or friends. You can all hangout together in a more intimate setting, enjoy each others company without having to make small talk and cozy up together as you sail off into the ocean.

Although it is dry season right now, most of the hills were still green and not as desert-y looking as Coco.

It was a fantastic day out in terms of weather. Gorgeous blue skies, bright sun, no clouds in sight.

We managed to sail out of the bay with the wind and passed the marina, the Los Sueños Marriott hotel and mini cruise ships.

The waves were calm that day as we settled into our spots on the boat and soaked in a wonderful sea breeze.

It was a smooth and relaxing ride as we chatted with Neil and our other companions, three generations (grandmother, mother and daughter) and the daughter’s friend.

The little girls loved it as they skipped around the boat, snacking and excitedly pointing out boats along the way.

I actually found out that the family was from Seattle! It seems that on sailing tours I always seem to run into someone from Washington – what a small world!

Bahia Herradura

We made our way around Bahia Herradura towards a little hidden area with a private neighborhood. In Costa Rica, there are lots of places you can find along the coast with houses on the hill or cliff tops with fabulous views.

This neighborhood was one of those – tucked quietly in the hills with a private beach and only one road to get there, offering the ultimate peaceful, quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Not to mention it is absolutely gorgeous!

Bahia Herradura
Bahia Herradura

We stopped here to do some snorkeling and swim around a bit. The water was a bit cloudy but Neil quickly found us a brittle star and sea cucumber to look at. We snorkeled around for a bit and I didn’t care that we didn’t see much fish, the water was incredibly comfortable and soothing just to be in.

He had us wear life jackets but these ones were pretty neat, they’re like the ones you see on airplanes. You have to blow into it to inflate so you can wear it without it preventing you from diving down but if you are in trouble and need some help, you can easily have someone else blow into it or do it yourself if you can.

After snorkeling we snacked on some crackers and fruit and just laid out to soak up the sun.

Sailing Under the Sunset

My favorite part of these sailing tours is sailing back watching the sunset which is my favorite time of the day. There’s nothing more calming and relaxing than feeling the slight bump of the boat as it passes over the waves, the soft caress of wind in your hair and seeing a spectacular sky with streaks of golden rays as the sun goes down for the day.

Sailing is a very popular activity in Costa Rica and for a great reason. You’re likely to see some wildlife out on the water, it’s incredibly relaxing, it can be a fun dance party or a relaxing atmosphere depending on your company and the water and scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Neil has been operating these tours for a long time and you won’t regret going on one of his private sailing tours. You get all the attention, you can hangout with just your people and you can even choose where to go!

He’s had quite a life so far so if you’re interested in hearing a bit about what Jaco was like back in the 80’s and 90’s, ask him. He’s got great stories and great insight, not to mention he’s a wonderful captain and you can tell he truly loves what he does and being out in the water.

Sailing in Playa Jaco is definitely something every visitor should do!

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