Hotel Review: Library Hotel in New York City

Hotel Review: Library Hotel in New York City

I searched hard to find the right #hotel for my first ever stay in #NewYork. Lots of people recommended the Library to me, and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed! The themed rooms, attentive staff and complimentary tasty #foodanddrink were all delightful! It was the perfect place to have some #relaxation in the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

I had the opportunity to attend Affiliate Summit in New York City a couple weeks ago, it’s a huge event that brings together the best internet marketers in the world and people come to listen to them talk, learn about internet marketing and meet others in the field. This was my first time in the Big Apple and I spent a good amount of time looking for a hotel to stay.

I got lucky to find the Library hotel in New York City, I know many of you might be looking for a place so I would like to share my experience, thoughts, pictures and videos about this beautiful and unique place.

I had a red eye flight and I landed at the Newark International airport around 8 am. Then I took the train to the city and got to the hotel around 9 am. Luckily New York City is like a giant grid so it wasn’t too hard for me to find and most the locals knew of the hotel. I had heard great things about it so I was excited to get there, especially after a long night of traveling.

You can also read about what I thought of NYC as a Costa Rican here.

Library Hotel in New York City


As soon as I walked in to the lobby I saw a nice collection of books perfectly organized. There were some chairs and the front desk was at the end of the lobby. The attention and customer service was incredible, everyone at the front desk staff gave me a warm welcome.

The attention and customer service was incredible

The receptionist told me that the check in time was at 3 pm and it was normal to take care of the guests’ luggage if they showed up early so they took care of my bag for me while I explored the city. They also gave me a map just in case I got lost, showed me some of the main attractions and gave me suggestions on what to do for the day.

from  $299.45

The Library Hotel

 299 Madison Avenue, New York City, NY, United States
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They were more than happy to give me tips and advice on getting around NYC which was pretty helpful for someone going there for their first time.

When I returned from the city tour, the luggage was already in my room and I was more than ready to lay down!

My room

One of the nicest and really interesting thing about this hotel is that every floor has a theme and every room has a theme related with the main theme of the floor. The Library Hotel is built around this theme to personalize and give it a unique flavor, making it stand out really well among the other hotels in the city.

every floor has a theme
Themed rooms
Themed rooms
Rooftop terrace
Rooftop terrace
The dining room
The dining room

They gave me a room on the Technology floor and each room in my floor had different decorations and books according to the room. They knew I was a blogger and worked online so they gave me the computer room. I have to say that just that detail of giving me the computer room due to my blogs was just amazing. It felt really personal and it’s nice that they take that into consideration.

The decoration in my room was incredible, every single book had something to do with computers. The decoration on the walls was all related to computers, they even had a picture of a old mother board.

The decoration in my room was incredible

The bathroom was super spacious and very clean. I noticed that they give you lots of towels which is different than what I’m used to in Costa Rica. We’re lucky to get a full size body towel there sometimes!

All their rooms come with the same book orientated decoration due to the close distance to the New York library and the fact that they are on Library way makes sense that everything has something to do with books. They even have over 30,000 books in the hotel!

Services and property

The Library hotel offers a complimentary wine and cheese tasting in the evenings starting from 5 pm to 7 pm. I went to check it out and they had good selections of wines, cheeses and pastries for all their guests without any extra cost which is awesome.

If you go to the second floor they have a reading room where you can always find coffee, tea or juices and it is also complimentary.

The Library hotel offers a complimentary wine and cheese tasting

On the top roof they have a bar, I checked it out and it seems to be a famous place in town. Many people were there and they were having an event of some sort, the place was pretty packed.

Overall Thoughts

I loved my time at the Library Hotel, everyone I talked to before I went to New York was really excited for me and told me how amazing it was, which was completely true. I wasn’t disappointed at all! The beds were incredibly comfortable, the room was modern with very nice furnishings and I loved the little extra services they offered such as the complimentary wine and cheese.

The staff was incredibly warm and so helpful. They were always making sure that I was comfortable and had everything I needed. Breakfast was delicious and is usually a highlight for me when I stay at a hotel so I really enjoyed having my coffee on the roof.

I loved the little extra services they offered

If you are looking for a hotel with a convenient location and a peaceful atmosphere in busy New York City, the Library hotel is a wonderful option.

Here is the video I took from my room!

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