Sea Kayaking in Pembrokeshire

Sea Kayaking in Pembrokeshire

Our trip to Pembrokeshire, #UnitedKingdom had it's moments, especially when I tried to put on my wetsuit. Have you ever had to do that? It's not easy! Once that was settled, however, we had a great time #kayaking the coast. It was the perfect way to stay #active and learn how to navigate the sea.

Putting on a wetsuit is exhausting, especially when you put it on back to front and then have to peel it off and reinsert yourself the right way round. But it was my first time, so I knew no better. Once suited, I had to put on a waterproof jacket, life vest and helmet before I could go kayaking off the Pembrokeshire coast with my husband. 

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Sea Kayak Courses in Pembrokeshire

 Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
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We were in a double kayak, with me in front as I’m the lightest, and it was quite hard to keep up with his paddling when his only instruction was to "paddle faster!" 

Great experience
Great experience

Somehow we managed though, under the expert guidance of Mark, our instructor, who made sure that all of the adults and children in the group could control their kayaks before we set off around the headland. The sea was totally calm, offering perfect conditions for novices like us. We soon got the hang of it and by the end of the day I was exhausted but loved the whole experience. Apart from the wetsuit.

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