From Europe to Africa for a Day or Two

From Europe to Africa for a Day or Two

A quick, insider’s guide to an intensive, yet short visit in #Tangier, the north of Morocco, #Africa. Perfect escape for a weekend!

Discovering faraway lands has never been easier than nowadays. Morocco, the gate to Africa, is a magically diversified country where at once you can enjoy the pure air of Atlas mountains, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterreanean Sea or ride a camel in the white dunes of Sahara Desert. Let me take you on a journey to the mysterious land of tagine. First time in Africa? You couldn’t have chosen a better transition from a culture to another!

The easiest way to get to Morocco from Europe is by a low-cost airline Ryanair or by ferry from the south of Spain. Medina of Tangier is one of the most mysterious old towns in this part of Africa. Getting lost in its tiny alleys in an undeniably interesting experience.

I have spent my nights in Dar Souran, an old, renovated riad with its history dating back to the nineteenth century - like most of riads in the medina. It was supposed to be a family house but was re-designed to become a guest house. If you want to feel a bit of luxury and home atosphere - go for it!

Day One

Taking into consideration that you have only two days and want to squeeze the most of your stay in the north of Morocco, I’d suggest you rent a car. Thanks to this you will move wherever and whenever you want without relying on (not always reliable) taxis and buses;)

from  $1,530

Tour Around Morocco

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Quad and Camel Combo Experience

Start off with a road trip to Cap Spartel, which is the point where the sea meets with the ocean. You will enjoy splendid views and nature. The views along the Atlantic coastline are breathtaking and be sure to have your memory card and another battery pack ready to use! When you stroll down from Cap Spartel to Hercule’s Caves, you will see lots of rocky cliffs and beaches all the way long.

During the evening you can have a lunch at Hafa Restaurant. Its history dates back to 1921, it was the first cafe in the city providing such a view - you sit on the hill, sipping sweet, mint tea, and watching ships passing by near the coast of Spain. To conclude the day I’d go for a night stroll in medina! Explore the tiny spice shops, discover crowded cafes, try the local specialties and do some shopping.

Day Two

Today, as you wake up early, you can go to one of the cities in the north,Tetouan or Chefchaouen. I’d recommended Chefchaouen aka “The Blue City”, which is a lovely, calm town in the mountains. Why do they call it a blue city? Simply because the entire medina, walls, gates and the houses are painted in fresh, baby-blue color. Chefchaouen offers amazing places for photographers, adventure seekers, writers, and journalists. It’s this kind of a town that everybody will find something to get busy with!

from  $85

Day trip from Fes to Chefchaouen

 Chefchaouen, Marocco
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Enjoy and marhaba in Morocco!

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