Foodies & Selfies - Take me Back to London Please!

Foodies & Selfies - Take me Back to London Please!

The best way to get in on the #MyLondon action is to eat, breathe, sleep and live like a Londoner. How? Enjoy being #active and living like a local in your chosen neighbourhood. Also walk as much as possible, better yet explore your new Borough on a ‘Boris Bike’. Soaking up the extensive #culture along every step of the way. #foodanddrink in #London

London is amazing. The foodies. The culture. The buzz. The foodies – yes, it deserves a double mention. Believe it or not, London is quickly developing into a “foodie heaven” to rival that of many others on the top 10 list. When I had the opportunity to experience the culinary wonders, of course I grabbed it with both hands. 

The foodies – yes, it deserves a double mention

Like most people in my scenario, due to ‘allocated holiday time off work’, I have to plan my calendar months in advance, and savour every moment to travel, soak up some sun where possible, and enjoy delish meals/gorgeous new cocktail concoctions. After collating my colour coded, endless lists of go-to and quirky eateries in the capital, the plan was to walk/eat my through different neighbourhoods, master the art of cocktail making, and take a packed lunch along to devour by the River Thames (regardless of the weather).

I knew an eclectic food scene awaited my arrival, so I planned to “live like a local” (as I usually attempt to do), and make the most of the gastronomic delights, right on my (new, for a few days only) doorstep. From the moment I booked my hotel, decanted everything to travel sized vessels, and dragged my suitcase out of storage, I knew I was in for a mouth-wateringly exciting trip.

from  $419.38

Hotel Westbury Mayfair

 Bond Street, London, United Kingdom
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Staying at The Westbury was ideal for three reasons – location, location, and location. Casually strolling by and exchanging greetings with the delightful doormen, and walking into the foyer, engulfed by the beautiful aroma of fresh flowers, it was fantastic to escape the frenetic nature of Bond Street, and enter the calm of the hotel. Imagine finding calm in Central London? I was pleasantly surprised too.

Casually strolling by and exchanging greetings with the delightful doormen

It was a little more than I would usually budget for, but as this was an indulgent trip, I decided to push the boat out. On one of the days, heading left out of the hotel, I took a speedy walk to Berkeley Square (which has lovely gardens in the centre), also close by are Green Park and St James’ Park. This was an enormous relief, as I had already reserved my seat it was easy enough to find The Original Tour, which has a collection and drop-off point right outside Green Park Tube station, and near The Ritz Hotel. Cue selfie stick…

On another day, I headed right and wiled away the afternoon on Oxford Street, got caught up in the cacophony of several languages, hot waffles, and there were light rain showers (this is England after all, so much for a sun drenched holiday!).

from  $47

London Sightseeing Tour

Food & Drink
 London, United Kingdom
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Housed on Piccadilly is world famous Fortnum & Mason’s – remember to stock up on English Breakfast tea, and delectable melt-in-the-mouth Scottish shortbread. Additionally The Wolseley is simply MADE for brunching, as I ate my weight in (Insta-worthy) avocado on toast, washed down with a glass of bubbles. Refreshing.

I ate my weight in (Insta-worthy) avocado on toast, washed down with a glass of bubbles

Speaking of refreshing drinks, as part of the planning process (obvs time well spent, during my 1 hour lunch breaks at work), I decided I wanted to try my hand at cocktail making. Without further hesitation I signed up for what I thought would be a chance to meet new people, have a tipple, and nosey around in luxury Knightsbridge. It ended up being all this, and a ruddy lot more. Cue more Insta-worthy food pics. It totally slipped my mind that the cocktail masterclass included breakfast and lunch, as well as creating and tasting all the themed cocktails made using the freshest ingredients and flavour packed morsels in every mouthful of food.

from  $125

Cocktails Master Class

Food & Drink
 109 - 125 Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom
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As I oscillate between a Baker’s dozen of doughnuts as a “light snack” and a 5 day green juice cleanse, it’s super important for me to strike a balance when it comes to planning meals (even more so when I’m away from my usual schedule). So when I wasn’t on the hop-on hop-off bus, I put on my comfy running shoes and wandered around on foot and by bicycle. Probably worth noting here I opted not to use the gym downstairs, as I very quickly ran out of time. Erm, okay fine, there’s more to it than that. It wasn’t quite what I expected, so I decided to find my own way of staying active.

Ultimately if you are open to ideas and have a flexible approach to interesting dining experiences, it is possible to enjoy London on a budget whilst heading to exquisite foodie haunts (without breaking the bank).

 it is possible to enjoy London on a budget whilst heading to exquisite foodie haunts 

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