Delightfully Danish: Castles & Countryside Relaxation

Delightfully Danish: Castles & Countryside Relaxation

After an indulgent festive period, I decided to take in some #culture on a solo traveler adventure in the world’s happiest country: #Denmark. This Scandinavian paradise is filled with castles, #history and art, as well as plenty of spa time for much needed rest and #relaxation.

It is so exciting to be in Denmark over the festive season! From the moment I landed in the morning at Copenhagen Airport, to the afternoon journey to Kokkedal on the Oresund train, the ambiance is absolutely electric. With the ubiquitous "Scandimania" still very much alive in England, and having already visited Sweden the year before, I was ready to tick another Scandinavian country off my list.

Landed into Copenhagen 
Landed into Copenhagen 

After an indulgent period of dining, glasses of bubbles aplenty and dancing into the “wee hours”, it was time for a much needed short break. As such, I planned my first trip to Denmark as a countryside escape, 30km north of Copenhagen, followed by some time spent in the capital city. Regaled by tales from the country made famous by several kilometres of cycle lanes, exquisite architecture woven in history, and an amazing penchant for monochromatic fashion and design – I simply had to head to Scandinavia to see it all for myself.

I simply had to head to Scandinavia to see it all for myself

I wanted an outline of the main attractions as well as “off the beaten track” recommendations, so after a long chat with the helpful lady at the Information Desk, I gathered all my maps, scribbles in my notebook, purchased my ticket and hopped on the train. It was easy to maneuver with my small suitcase and backpack, as the train station is located directly in the airport’s vicinity.

Ski jacket and cashmere cardigan off, camera close by, and a welcoming hot chocolate to accompany my solo adventures made for a smooth ride northbound, passing quaint villages along the way. Upon arrival, I stocked up on more snacks and water in the mini supermarket at Kokkedal Station, and then went in search of the taxi rank. After a couple of loops around the station and a rather embarrassing attempt at Danish, I found more helpful locals – who spoke impeccable English – and made the swift journey to Kokkedal Slot. (Slot is Danish for "Castle" – adding even more enchantment to the trip.)

The lush green Danish countryside 
The lush green Danish countryside 

Set in lush green sprawling grounds a short stroll to the coastline, my hotel Kokkedal Slot, is an incredible architectural feat wrapped in an indescribable essence. 

an incredible architectural feat wrapped in an indescribable essence

With horse riding/polo golf, hiking and swimming, this is a fantastic location for recreation, rest and relaxation.

from  $198

Hotel Kokkedal Castle

 Kokkedalsvej 17, Brovst, Denmark
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For the courageous individual a quick dip in the sea is a possibility, albeit for the less brave (like me), there is also an indoor pool in the spa with rejuvenating mechanisms, and the obligatory Scandinavian sauna – an absolute must during the decadent festive period.

After exploring the great outdoors on a 5km walk – it is exceedingly pleasant, as the landscape is famously flat – it was time to watch the sunset, head indoors to warm up by the fire, then have an early night (part of my New Year’s resolutions!).

Exploring the great outdoors in Denmark 
Exploring the great outdoors in Denmark 

I woke up bright and early to a crisp morning, and swiftly decided to spend the first few hours of the day lounging, reading, and listening to music. I finally headed to breakfast – fluffy scrambled eggs and gravlax on rye bread, delightfully Danish. Next stop? Exploring Helsingor and Kronborg. I hopped on another train further north from Kokkedal, to Helsingor. 

The crisp morning in the Danish country 
The crisp morning in the Danish country 

I wandered around the area taking in the scenery, cobbled paths, modern architecture at The Culture Yard, and views of Sweden across the water. Not forgetting picturesque Kronborg Slot, known internationally as Elsinore, the site of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and home to more charming experiences.

I woke up bright and early to a crisp morning

I also had the pleasure of speaking to and admiring the art of a resident artist. She works alongside her husband at her studio on the grounds of Kronborg Slot – a few of us who were visiting at the time, were treated to a live musical rendition. It was superb!

The danish country side and sea views 
The gorgeous countryside along with a sea view

Overall I had an incredible time in Denmark. The locals are friendly, the art and architecture are plentiful, and the setting is idyllic, it is no wonder they are considered the happiest people in the world. Tusind tak DK, I look forward to another adventure here soon!

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