Pedal Your way to all There is to see in Sydney

Pedal Your way to all There is to see in Sydney

The beauty of #Sydney revolves around its #active and #outdoorsy lifestyle. There is nothing better than getting on a #bike and riding your way through all the amazing parks, lookouts and landmarks of this wonderful city.

I often hear people say that New York or London is their favourite city in the world… that is, until they visit Sydney. 

Travelling “Down Under” from Europe or the United States is not so convenient, but trust me when I say that all the effort is very well worth it! Sydney experiences a reversed season cycle. Therefore, it is the perfect destination from December – February, which is ideal if you are a sun seeker like myself.

The city wraps around a stunning harbour and is very much designed for people who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. The best way to get in all of the attractions is with Bonza Bike Tours. Bonza Bike Tours is the pioneer of bicycle tour companies in Australia. There are 4 different tours that you can choose from, but the most popular are the Sydney Classic Tour and Manly Beach Sunset Cruise.

Biking in Sidney
Biking in Sidney

On the Sydney Classic Tour you are guaranteed to see all there is to see in the city and then some. We ride over on the famous Harbour Bridge, which boasts a surreal view of the city. The tour is roughly 17 km long visiting the famed Opera House, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Observatory Hill, Royal Botanical Gardens and Hyde Park. It takes about 4 hours to complete this tour and the entire adventure is topped off with a visit to the Lord Nelson Brewery, which is Australia’s oldest pub and brewery. After a long ride, this attraction is a real treat. All of the ales are 100% natural with no added preservatives or sugars.

On the Sydney Classic Tour you are guaranteed to see all there is to see in the city and then some

The ride also takes you to lookouts where you can snap shots of the most impressive panoramic views of the Harbour and Harbour Bridge. At one of the posts you can see as far as the Blue Mountains, which are roughly two hours away. I love taking groups to what I like to call “postcard point,” which is where you can capture “the money shot” of Sydney.

The Rocks is a precinct that everyone loves exploring. It still entertains some sentiment from Sydney’s convict days with cobblestone streets and sandstone cottages, but now the area is great for Australian boutiques, markets and art galleries. It is also home to my go to spot for the best rock oysters in town, Sydney Cove Oyster Bar.

Chinatown is another stop on our tour. The area is very ornate, decorated in traditional Chinese statues, archways and temples. There is also a large market here and a plethora of Chinese restaurants serving all the customary Asian cuisine you could imagine. Chinatown also hosts a night market on Fridays for a unique cultural experience to start off your weekend.

from  $86

Sydney Classic Bike Tour

 Sydney, 30 Harrington Street, The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
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Manly Beach Sunset Cruise is a perfect tour for people who have already taken in all of the city’s landmarks, but are looking for something a bit more authentic. 

something a bit more authentic

It is also a more challenging ride than our other tours, but with hard work always comes reward. Manly Beach itself is magical and lends itself to a more laidback environment. There are a lot of bars in the area and although it is touristy, you can still find many locals relaxing in the sun and surfing in the waves.

Internationally, Australia is probably best known for its surfing culture. For people looking to get up on a board, I recommend the Manly Surf School, as it has an impeccable reputation with both Sydneysiders and tourists. 

from  $51

Manly Surf School

 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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If you are looking for food and drinks near by, I often stop at Manly Wine Bar, which is located directly across from the beach. The view is incredible and the bar has a random layout that makes you feel like you are in another world. The staff is friendly and very honest and knowledgeable about their wine selection.

On the Manly Beach Sunset Cruise, we ride to the scenic North Head, which really makes you forget that you are still in the city. There is so much wildlife complete with stunning views of the city. Then we travel to the coastal cliffs and depending on the time of year we may even see a humpback whale or two. 

depending on the time of year we may even see a humpback whale or two

Our return trip is timed perfectly, so that we catch a magnificent view of the sunset on the ferry back to the central business district.

My brother and I work together at Bonza Bike Tours. We always say to our groups that you need to go off the beaten path a little to experience real Sydney culture. 

you need to go off the beaten path a little to experience real Sydney culture

To find this, I recommend spending some time in the suburbs of Surry Hills and Newtown. Newtown is known for being a very open, friendly and bohemian flavoured district. It is a great place to checkout and easy to mingle with Sydneysiders.

Personally, I love Surry Hills. In my opinion, it is the coolest place in the city with the best bars, restaurants and brunch spots. I suggest checking out the bar, 505, for amazing jazz or The Clock Hotel during the day or night for great drinks, food and music. I hope that this is enough to entice you to visit my beautiful Sydney. I could really go on and on about how wonderful it is, but I will wait for that when you get here! 

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