5 Reasons to Visit Wellington, New Zealand

5 Reasons to Visit Wellington, New Zealand

#Wellington, New Zealand's capital city is an #aspirational stop for many a traveler. The city is #unique, with sandy beaches, modern shops, and truly excellent coffee. If you're into stunning scenery and #relaxed vibes, your next stop should be windy Wellington.

The capital of New Zealand, while Wellington is a small city, it is an incredibly cool little capital, and exudes a large amount of character and charm. 

From the world’s best coffee, to scenic views which will blow your mind, a unique and cozy bar scene, and accessibility to both the North and South Islands, Wellington is one of those city’s you really shouldn’t miss.

 There are many, many reasons why you should travel to Wellington, New Zealand, and here are just a few reasons why. 

Wellington is accessible

 Wellington has 397,900 inhabitants. Based on population this is therefore the second largest city in New Zealand, with Auckland being the first. 

Unlike Auckland, however, Wellington is extremely accessible. One of the most walkable cities in the world, it is possible to get anywhere you want by foot...

The city is centered in a valley, surrounded by its hilly suburbs, and all of it’s main attractions are within walking distance of each other. Though for those who prefer to drive, renting a car is an affordable option too. 

Wellington has Unique Bars 

Wellington has a thriving nightlife and offers a number of unique and cozy bars. Favourites include ‘The library’ and ‘The apartment’. 

“The Library” is dimly lit with live music every other day and books adorning the walls as decoration. It truly does feel like a library, just one which allows entertainment, drinks and snacks!

Photo by @thelibrarywellington on Instagram 
Photo by @thelibrarywellington on Instagram

“The Apartment” is more stylish, and as with the Library, is a venue which actually resembles it’s name. Set up as an apartment, the bar features a living room, bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen.

 Drinks are served in the kitchen and then guests are invited to chill out on the bed or sofa in the living room. 

Wellingtons’ Coffee Culture 

Kiwis know how to make good coffee, and Wellington is the perfect place to enjoy a cup. You won’t find coffee anywhere else in the world as delicious as those offered in New Zealand.

 Unlike other cities, Wellington does not feel extremely busy. The city’s more relaxed vibe makes it the perfect place to enjoy one of those wonderful coffees.

 Wellington is the Home of Lord of the Rings 

As you may well know, Wellington is the hometown of Peter Jackson, and therefore home to Lord of the Rings. 

When you walk around Wellington and its suburbs you may recognize a number of locations from the famous films, and you can book walking tours.

from  $20

Walking tours

 Wakefield Street, Wellington, New Zealand
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...or simply look up the locations yourself and pay them a visit independently. 

Photo by @scrappysue on Instagram for www.mapingmegan.com 

Sites you may enjoy include the botanical gardens, and the Embassy Theatre, where it’s possible to enjoy a film in the same location where each of the Lord of the Ring films celebrated their premiere. 

The cinema is an old theatre, which makes it quite unique. 

Wellington connects the South Island with the North Island 

Wellington is located at the Southwestern tip of the North Island, which gives you the opportunity to easily pay the South Island a visit. Simply jump on the ferry and cross over to Picton and the Marlborough Sounds.

Dusk over the sounds. Photo CC by Liam O’Malley

The South Island is one of the most naturally beautiful destinations on earth, and is definitely worth a visit!!

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