Falling in Love with Bangalore

Falling in Love with Bangalore

#Banglaore is a city full of #culture, colour and charisma. Exploring the many different and wonderful corners of the city, formally known as the pub capital of #India. You will come away in love and mesmerized, I certainly did. So much so, I have decided to write this as an entry to the #goMowgli campaign for #TheBestTravelJob!

Every now and then, you visit a city and fall in love with what you see first. Sometimes it is the architecture, sometimes it is the infrastructure, or the food or the people and sometimes it's slightly less tangible. Bangalore falls into the category of the latter, you might not fall in love with it immediately, but you will, eventually.

 Every now and then, you visit a city and fall in love with what you see first

What I find most fascinating about Bangalore is the culture or the vibe as I like to call it. Bangalore is a multicultural, multi-lingual city and it's not mine. I'm from a place quite close to Bangalore, with equal charm, but my heart belongs to Bangalore.

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The hotspots to visit here have evolved from pubs and bars, to more diverse venues for minds to meet. Bangalore has always been a place for minds to meet - even in the pubs and bars era - it used to be known as the pub capital of India! Now it boasts of boutique restaurants offering Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Italian, Mediterranean food to more domestic cuisines like from Nagaland, Bengal, Kerala, Coorg, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc - truly a delight for your palate. 

it used to be known as the pub capital of India

Coffee shops have been on the rise starting from your local filter coffee 'Sagars', to marriages between coffees and board games, to international coffee brands diluting the standards of coffee in the city - Bangalore has seen it all. Either way, broke entrepreneurs will go anywhere where they can find free wifi!

Bangaloreans talk as much about fashion as they do about politics, as much about heartache as they do about academia, as much about family as they do about start-ups. There's place for everyone, and that's something they've lived up to - Bangalore actually has more immigrants than locals living in the city smile emoticon Besides, how many cities do you know that have a word derived from their names - have you been 'Bangalored' yet?

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