Off the Beaten Path of Cancun

Off the Beaten Path of Cancun

A #family vacation that took me on a memorable #road-trip along the #Yucatan Peninsula and #Cancun. We found ourselves taken back in time visiting #ancient #Mayan civilizations and brought back to the present spending our final days in a #luxury resort in Cancun.

The sandy white heaven with crystal clear waters was not always the tourist magnet we see today. In fact, before the Mexican Government initiated their resort project in the late 1960s, Cancun was but a fishing village that lacked the cultural ruins seen in the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula. The massive resort construction turned this village into a city of over 35,000 people with numerous activities, from 5 star hotels and fine dining to nightclubs and underwater amusement parks. Cancun has become the perfect location for both family-oriented vacationers and the party-crazed spring breakers, which was undeniably the reason why my family chose this destination to spend a couple weeks of our summer days.

Cancun has become the perfect location for both family-oriented vacationers and the party-crazed spring breakers

Instead of heading straight to the resorts, we wanted to experience the country’s ancient civilizations, so we rented a van in Cancun and took a (mini) road trip along the Yucatan Peninsula. After several hours driving through what is known as “the Mexican rainforest” we finally arrived at Hacienda Uayamon in Campeche, a hidden oasis in the heart of Mayan Territory.

from  $616

Hotel Hacienda Uayamon

 Km,20 Carr. China - Edzna S/N, Uayamon, Campeche, Mexico
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The hacienda, a former rope factory destroyed during the Mexican revolution, was elegantly remodeled as a boutique hotel with private villas. Surprisingly, the new owners kept the half-destroyed original colonial structures from the Hacienda’s glory days and mixed them with Mayan Empire décor. The hotel truly took us back in time while indulging us with the luxuries of today. Upon our arrival, we were even greeted with complimentary foot massages and a welcome cocktail!

Being located so near to ancient archeological sites, we used an excursion agency called Catherwood Travels to make the most out of our visit.

A team of experts and archaeologists created a complete bespoke adventure packed experience for us that included hacienda tours, archeological expeditions of the ancient Mayan civilization, pyramid and famous Aguazul waterfall visits in Chiapas, and my personal favorite: Cenoté diving.

After almost a week of traveling, exhaustion took its course and we decided to conclude our trip relaxing a few days at the stunning Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort. 

from  $468.02

Hotel Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort

 Retorno Del Rey Mza 53 Lote 37 1 Sec A, Km 14, Cancun, Mexico
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The small resort was impeccable and I felt instantly relaxed from the moment I walked through the doors. 

I felt instantly relaxed from the moment I walked through the doors

My little brother rushed to sign up for the kids club while I pampered myself lounging on the beach beds with an attentive staff at my side. These chairs served their purpose not only for the day, but also for my nightly escapades, where I would get glimpse of the thousands of gleaming stars, a beautiful site that I rarely have the privilege to witness coming from a big city. 

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