Royal Guests at Port Orleans Riverside Orlando

Royal Guests at Port Orleans Riverside Orlando

Everyone knows Orlando, #Florida is home to The Most Magical Place on Earth, Disney World. But did you know you can spend a #relaxing night in a room decorated with Princesses? But just be forewarned, not everyone in your party will love the #unique vibe - as our 2 year old boy proved!

My daughter is infatuated with Disney Princesses so my husband and I decided we’d reserve a Royal Guest Room at Port Orleans Riverside during a recent Walt Disney World visit.

from  $203

Hotel Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

 1251 Dixie Drive, Orlando, FL, United States
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Our son, who is 3 years younger than our daughter, is the complete opposite of his sister. No princess, glitter, pink and purple theme for him. He’s obsessed with cars, planes, trains, pirates, monsters and primary colours.

Princesses framed
Princesses framed

We figured we had to book this princess themed room sooner than later.

Cozy And Not Too Girly

Yes, there are pictures of princesses scattered around the room but the theming is not pink and sparkly like one would expect. Dark wood furniture and a gold and royal blue colour scheme make the room feel rich and cozy.

Really detailed decorations
Really detailed decorations

There are two chairs, a dresser with TV on top, a mini fridge, 2 Queen Beds and a bathroom / dressing area (toilet, bath tub in one room and double vanity, shelf with hanging rail, and a small wall-mounted key lock safe just outside the bathroom area).

The chairs, headboards, lamps, table and stool are a bit larger than furniture and fixtures in a standard room because of the detailing and royal embellishments.

Even the hangers are detailed
Even the hangers are detailed

There is enough room for a play yard and a double stroller to fit in this room. Having both things open left little room for walking – so, just a heads up for parents of little ones.

The heavy curtains do a great job of keeping the light out at night and at nap time and the beds are comfortable.

At just over 300 square feet, the room does feel a bit small due to the dark colour scheme and large furniture.


The best part about the Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside are the headboards.

Pretty decorations, again - this time the headboard
Pretty decorations, again - this time the headboard

Upon pressing a button at the side of the headboard, LED lights will turn on and you’ll be treated to a short fireworks show. Our kids couldn’t get enough of this. Turn the lights off, press the button. First thing in the morning, press the button. Right before bed, press the button.

You’d think by the end of our stay, the circuits would have been fried but no – still working after a million presses of the buttons!

Put On Your Walking Shoes

The Royal Guest Rooms are located in the mansion buildings farthest from the food court and main lobby – Parterre Place and Oak Manor.

The outside
The outside

Our room was located at the back of Parterre Place, facing the parking lot, and it took us anywhere from 5–10 minutes depending on if the kids were in the stroller or walking to get to the food court.

This is not a long walk by any means but in colder weather, in the middle of a thunderstorm or rain showers or after a long day at the parks, the walk back to your room could feel like hours as opposed to a few minutes.

Perfect For Princesses

When we booked, the Royal Guest Room was only $10 more per night than a standard room. The theming and decor are spot on, as you’d expect for a Disney owned resort.

They even gave us this letter
They even gave us this letter

If you have a princess fan in the family, it won’t break the budget.

You will need to trade in your princess heels for some comfortable walking shoes if you decide to stay in a Royal Guest Room though!

As for our toddler, he thought the room was only OK. The princess photos on the wall were “yucky” and he would much rather stay in a standard room than this one. Who knew a 2 year old could be so opinionated?

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