Coming Soon: Past, Present and Future of my Time in the Philippines

Coming Soon: Past, Present and Future of my Time in the Philippines

I spent 4 months in the #Philippines traveling from one #island to the next. Visiting many of their famous #beaches and experiencing #metropolitan life in its #capital, #Manila gave me a better understanding of what this country is about.

Four Months in the Philippines Wow

My time here will come to an end on May 15.

I didn’t have a clue that I’d spend so much time in here! I just knew that I wanted to stay in the Philippines for at least one month. Obviously my plan has completely changed, as usual. That’s what I love the most about long-term travel; You never know what’s going to happen next!

I arrived in Manila the 20th of January 2014, straight from Yangon – Myanmar, and the Philippines instantly stole my heart: These months have been incredible, so intense and filled with a plethora of emotions, breath-taking landscapes, adventures and beautiful people.

Why This Post?

Cutting to the chase: This is a photo essay, a Teaser Campaign – Coming soon on these screens post. I want you to know what I’ve been up to until now, introduce you to my next destinations and give you a glimpse of my next posts.

Yesterday, forcing my spontaneous nature, I sat down and planned the rest of my trip. I hate Planning but there are activities and places that I’ve dreamed about for a lifetime and now it’s time to fulfill these dreams.

Because we only live once. In my vocabulary there is no space for “I’ll do it next time”.

Remember: There is never a better moment than NOW to fulfill your dreams.

What About my Blog?

I have so much material to write about that it will take me months to accomplish my mission impossible, but I’ll get there.

For now I will simply enjoy the rest of my time here. I’ll forget about my job and just DO the things I love the most.I need time to detach myself from the experiences I’m living, to absorb them and create a memory. At that point the words will flow like a river.

So here they are…my crazy days in the Philippines: One shot for each place I visited or planning to visit with the dates.

January 20| Manila

My very first day in the Philippines!

Jeepneys and tricycles are common modes of transport

Living in Thailand for so long this is how it went when I first arrived in Manila: Jeepneys? Tricycles? What are you talking about?Where are the buses? and why there are no Temples in here? Well, the streets are much cleaner than Bangkok at least..Wow, the taxi driver put the meter on, I didn’t even have to scream at him, awesome!”

Yes, you got it. I am not a huge fan of pre-trip research. I could start a post called “The hall of shame”, what can I say? I love to be surprised, ashamed and amused by my vast ignorance.

Manila? Mission Accomplished, you surprised me big time. In any possible way.

21 - 28 January| Boracay Island

The famous Boracay sunset

After Manila I headed straight to the party Island and White beach blew me away with its turquoise water. I had a great time admiring some of the best sunsets ever.

The downside? Too much chaos. After Thailand I had enough of the party scene. Or maybe I’m simply getting old!There is not much I can add to this well-known Island, but I will compare it to its twin party Islands in Thailand. Same same…but different.

28 January- 1 February | Carabao Island

Posing in Carabao Island

What it’s like to live on an almost deserted island? or Change your clothes on a beach and find yourself in total darkness after 11 PM when all the lights on the Island switch off?

You will discover this, and much more on my post about the beauty of Carabao (Loved the experience). Stay tuned!

1-5 February | Manila

Visit to the Slums

Black and White photo of the slums

This is an article I wanted to write for quite some time. I didn’t publish it yet, as I am pondering how I’m going to write it.

I think about my experience on the Manila’s slums almost every day. And this says it all. Post coming soon.

5-8 February | Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands

I only stayed in the Camotes Islands for a few but very intense days.

A post on this Island is mandatory not only for the place itself (the picture speaks louder than words), but also for the many emotions involved during that trip.

8-19 February | Siargao

The Island of Siargao

With more than 6000 words and 5.2K shares on social media, I don’t’ think I need to add anything about my eternal love for Siargao. If you missed the article, here is the Link. Enjoy!

more than 6000 words and 5.2K shares on social media

19- 22 February | Bohol

Say hello to my new friend

I bet you were expecting a picture of a Tarsier or a panoramic view on the Chocolate Hills, right? Well sorry to disappoint you, but I choose the Phyton instead. What a memorable moment. FYI, that smile is totally fake. Just in case you were wondering: I was PETRIFIED. I'll mention Bohol when I’ll be writing about the Filipino Islands and their peculiar vibe.

23-27 February| Ilo Ilo – Antique Region Tour

Ilo Ilo City

The 4 more exhausting yet intense days in the Philippines so far.Should I write a detailed recap post including all my adventure or write shorter, single posts for each one of them? Decisions decisions…What a ride it was this Antique Tour! Unforgettable experience and people.

27 February-14 April | Pandan -Antique


This view has been my home far away from home for more than one month. Definitely worth a post, or even more than one.

Let’s see. I’m still here as I write this and I already know that I’m going to miss the peace of this place SO MUCH.

14-22 April | Palawan – Coron

Diving in Palawan

Welcome to the future! I always wanted to visit Palawan and I left it as one of my last stops: To close these 4 months in style!

I struggled a lot between Coron and El Nido. Then I said to myself: You only live once, so I’ve chosen both

You only live once, so I’ve chosen both

I will stay 8 days in Coron, scuba diving with manta rays and discovering the amazing ship wrecks full of corals. I can’t wait!

from  $332

Boat Rental to Smaller Islands in Palawan

 Coron, MIMAROPA, Philippines
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22-26 April | Palawan – El Nido

El Nido, Palawan

They say it’s Paradise on Earth. How could I skip that after such an inviting statement. I’ll be there for 3 full days, island hopping and taking tons of pictures. Paradise is quite expensive this time of the year, but I bet it’s worth the investment and the effort.

I will take a 8-hour boat from Coron and a 4/5 hours bus ride to reach Puerto Princesa and catch a plane to my next destination.

from  $25

El Nido Tour

 Palawan, MIMAROPA, Philippines
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27 April- 2 May | Donsol

This is a dream coming true: Scuba diving and swimming with Big Whale Sharks. I decided for Donsol instead of Oslob as they say the fish there are much bigger and the area offers plenty of other water activities. I also decided for Donsol because in Oslob they feed the Whale Sharks and it’s not the same as seeing them in their natural environment. I want the real deal! Give me water and you’ll see a very happy girl!

Scuba diving and swimming with Big Whale Sharks

I hope I’ll be lucky enough to see one of these big boys. Send me positive vibes while I’m there!

2-12 May |Random Wandering

From this point on, I just decided to go with the flow and see what happens. I have 10 days left before heading back to Manila for 2 days and catch my flight to Thailand.

I want to stay close to Manila, let’s say within 2/4 hours by bus-train. Mt Pinatubo trek looks awesome, but I’m not sure I’m fit enough to do that, let’s see.

I might just chill out in some cheap place, try Couch surfing or whatever my adventurous spirit suggest me to do. I’m wide open to everything. So if you have any advice, write it in the comments and I’ll consider it!

12-15 May |Manila

City lights in Manila Bay

On the 15th of May, my long-term adventure in the Philippines will come to an end right where it started: Manila. Hopefully, I will be able to meet some of my new Filipino friends for our goodbyes and just relax before my departure.

After such a long time in the Philippines, it now feels like home here and leaving is going to be sad. But don’t worry, I always go back to the places that stole my heart.

A huge thank you to all the Filipino people, for welcoming me with such a warm heart and let me discover your beautiful country! I will see you again one day, I promise.

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