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Riding the elevated highway system out of Tokyo, cutting between office towers on the way and leaving the populace and frenzy of Tokyo behind, you'll soon be off the beaten track and winding along small mountain paths. Now you own the road! Take in breathtaking scenic villages, ride by farmers cultivating their crops, twist your way through bamboo forests and sculpted rice fields, motor past lakes and rivers, through valleys and over mountain passes, visit ancient temples and shrines; encountering curious and friendly Japanese along the way.

Japan, with its distinct seasons and range of climatic zones is alive with color and variety year round. SPRING - head for the Hakone region and take in spectacular views of a snowcapped Mt.Fuji, as you ride along tree-lined streets, with cherry blossom petals falling like snow. SUMMER - hop on an overnight ferry to the northern frontier of Hokkaido and discover vast landscapes, endless stretches of open road and its wealth of flora and fauna. Or ride across the country, over the highlands to the Sea of Japan and explore the close-kept secrets of Nagano. AUTUMN - take a trip back in time to Nikko for shrines and temples that date back to the 7th century and soak in stunning fall colors along the way. WINTER - venture south to see the simmering volcanoes of Aso National park on the island of Kyushu. Take a detour via the little known and 4th largest island of Shikoku, famous for the '100 temple pilgrimage', Scottish-like highlands and tropical Mediterranean-like coastlines. Japan's topography is as diverse as it comes.

At the end of a long day pull into a Japanese Inn and enjoy a full course

Japanese meal or alternatively pitch a tent and take in the stars at one of the campsites you'll find in abundance around the country. What about a bath you ask? No need to worry. Due to the fact that Japan is highly volcanic, there are literally thousands of natural onsen (hot springs) spread across the country, many of which are centuries old and a delight to experience. (Don't be surprised if at times you have to share the bath with a monkey or two). Relax and let the medicinal properties of the water sooth your tired muscles after a long day in the saddle. Reminisce over a cup of Japanese sake and plan for another great day of riding.

So contact Japan Bike Rentals, the specialists in Japan motorcycle rentals and discover the excitement and adventure of touring Japan by bike. The quality of the ride is unparalleled and the hospitality of the people in this majestic country is unrivaled. Equipped with a first-rate Japan Bike Rentals motorcycle and backed up by the quality and professionalism of the Japan Bike Rentals team, you are assured of an unforgettable Japan motorcycle touring experience - truly a trip of a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Japan Bike Rentals website. Feel free to contact us and let all of us here at Japan Bike Rentals share our knowledge and experience with you…Are you ready?





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Minato, Tokyo, Japan

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Japan Bike Rentals

the Japan motorcycle touring specialists and the one and only Japan motorcycle rentals operation catering to the foreign market.

And welcome to Japan, arguably one of the greatest motorcycling destinations on the planet. With its stream of scenic routes and exquisite mountain trails and state of the art futuristic highway system, Japan is truly your motorcycle touring paradise…waiting to be discovered.

Here at Japan Bike Rentals, our Japan motorcycle rentals system has been specifically designed with overseas visitors in mind and now makes the thrill of touring Japan by motorcycle a reality. Up until now, finding motorcycle rentals in Tokyo, or anywhere in Japan for that matter, has been virtually impossible. And without a sound knowledge of Japanese, the process of renting a motorbike in Japan used to be a complicated, if not impossible undertaking for anyone keen on touring Japan by motorcycle. However, now Japan Bike Rentals has finally made it possible for motorcycle rentals in Japan and we can now offer you the exceptional opportunity to thoroughly explore the real Japan on a motorcycle tour of a lifetime.

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  • The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
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