My Trip to India That Made An Impact

My Trip to India That Made An Impact

This was a trip that completely changed my life. Teaching in #India is extremely #aspirational and made me see every day life in a different light. The #culture, #architecture and #Foodanddrinks was also inspiring.

It was in March of 2015 I took a decision that will certainly change my life completely, making me and letting me see things deep inside of us and we know, but unfortunately materialism and superficiality of society we cannot see. Clearly at that time I did not know the impact that would have on me, and feelings that would develop in the depths of my being. So in May 2015, after difficulties of paperwork, I began my journey, I went to a new world.

I began my journey, I went to a new world

I am Mexican, born in an economically stable family thank to God or the force that puts us all here. I had never traveled so far from home, and then of course, India is as far as you can go, because this literally across the world; And it seems funny to say, but all that distance also marks many differences in ideologies, clothing, language, among other things, but it's amazing how despite all the differences we have with people as alien to us, it is true that there is a corner our soul, which is pure, where we are honest, where our values, where no matter where we come from and where we are all in this place of our soul, there is no difference between us.

it is true that there is a corner our soul, which is pure, where we are honest

I was really nervous, my legs were shaking and I could not get rid of the lump in my throat. On the flight I slipped some tears, because I knew that a totally different trip to everyone who had been approached, but I also knew that these were tears of happiness.

Out front of the Tej Mahal 
Out front of the Tej Mahal 

One gets to know itself when traveling alone, and sometimes we find parts of ourselves we did not know, how to overcome different circumstances of which we thought we were unable, in other words, we underestimated.

Finally arrives after almost 1 whole day on planes to Delhi, India; The second largest city after Tokyo, and was greeted with a sign of very good size, the feeling of knowing that there is someone waiting for you is wonderful, I remember we were very hot, we were around the 43 degrees Celsius, felt like drops of sweat down my front and my back. But it also felt like a smile spread across my face, and could not hide.

also felt like a smile spread across my face, and could not hide

Get to the house, where a known Mexico also awaited me. Then known, since after all we live in, one could say that is my sister; I talk I miss and what they felt like, I was eager to experience and learn everything I expected out of the house in this magical place.

Finally we came to know temples and attractions, is unimaginable the amount of people, vehicles, animals, among other things in the street; There is an impressive contamination, normally the streets are not paved, there is only earth, and all vehicles sounding their horns at all times and for no reason, which caused me laugh, the heat seemed increasing, and I looked each happiest time.

Admiring the views in India 
Admiring the views in India 

People who were close to me in these days were really attentive, and I think that increase the level of experience thanks to them also.

For a week I was to know the surrounding hinterland of Delhi, and the culture they have in India, and some of his "hindi" language which is 4 or 5 words mean nothing. I watched films made in Bollywood, and listening to his music, the weekend trip to Agra where the Taj Mahal is wonderful, I saw and felt in a dream, it is amazing to be honest, he could not explain with words. I think it was one of the hottest days during my stay in India, but nothing stopped my desire to be there, after visiting Agra and Jaipur clearly the Amber Fort where I took an amazing elephant ride.

nothing stopped my desire to be there, after visiting Agra and Jaipur clearly the Amber Fort where I took an amazing elephant ride

It was a dream trip, but I was anxious to return and meet the people you would be working during that month. 

The train station is really shocking, I was amazed to see how people sleep there on the quality with which we live, there is a really great poverty, and do not understand who protects the rights of living people, good people, who are the waiting for something good, but sometimes it is difficult to keep hope, or want to keep fighting for something we see extremely difficult.

Then back to Delhi, our department my sidekick Tania and me, and we met other people who were in our house. They already took longer than us in that room and they told us their work and what they did in their placements, and drove me crazy, and I wanted to know mine.

Finally came, on Tuesday May 26, 2015, Tuesday's hitherto most anticipated in my life. That day the people in the organisation were escorted to where we would work to teach the path, which was not easy. 

from  $263

Volunteer in India - Delhi

 Delhi, India
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Manali to Leh Cycling Expedition

Paragliding in Manali

First we had to take a bike or as we called him "the bike sir" as he is a man who adapts his bicycle with a seat in the back and a tent so you do not in the sun, while you're sitting.

we called him "the bike sir" as he is a man who adapts his bicycle with a seat in the back

We took the "bike sir" and we drove to the subway, the subway waited 3 stops and Govindpuri got off us, I always wished that the subway ride lasted longer as it was of the only few places with air I met; Hence agarrábamos a kind of small truck for about 6 people, where ever we changed to a 14 and this took us to our destination.

Small trucks down these gentlemen had gitaneo "this one, this one" for you to choose jump on him; This also caused me laugh, although I always chose climb to it, as Mr. "this one" but did not know it had become my friend, and I liked to ride in the truck. Chocábamos two or three times each way, at first it scared me, after a few days I was amazed to see her chocáramos not a single occasion.

We finally got to "CHIRANJIJALASHIKSHASAMITI" which is the name of the school and I honestly do not know the meaning, not because he did not ask, but by that when I asked, I do not understand what he was asking.


They were easy accumulated about 40 children, saying "good morning Mam", hugging me and filling my cheeks, and my hands with kisses. Honestly, even if I tried I can not express the feeling, but never in my life had meaning and I again feel something like it.

We turned up and quickly begin to know, after a few days had already become probably the most important kids I've ever met in my life and I wanted more without being a family member.

Everything they did, seemed great, even when they took me out of my boxes, and I felt bad, never left me alone, even to go to the bathroom. (This can sometimes also pulled me mad) He did not understand how I could so quickly become attached to some children who did not understand them or a quarter of what they said, and they to me either, obviously.

Teaching the youngsters in India 
Teaching the youngsters in India 

I had a hard time understanding that endears me so much because his soul is noble, and really good, they offered me love was pure and true and, to meet people and the world in which we live is very difficult.

People who give everything for the people they love, even what they have, children who watched me with a certain admiration with which nobody had seen me before.

It was the moment when I realised that we undervalue ourselves, we compete daily for a rule, money and cars and people feel admiration for us when in reality we are profoundly wrong and we do not realise that with the smallest detail affection there are people who see us and, as a hero.

And not because they saw me as a hero if it was the other way around, I saw them as my mini heroes, they came to save a semi empty life living in a society where what matters is the material. I was going to teach them, but they actually taught me more than I could teach you.

Peace! In India 
Peace! In India 

There were many difficult days, days of illness, or have not wanted, there was always something latent within me, that made me get up and go to meet these little monsters who make my happy days.

I remember well one day and probably is one of the most fairy stories. Tania and we were thirsty and went to a job, and buy a coke, two small accompanying us, so we buy a Coke to each well; They totally refused to accept but we insist, when we got back to school, small teachers told them that we had given them a few kinks, and teachers told them that we only would be grateful and the stay. The two small ecstatic with their cokes, the opened and asked their classmates to open their water bottles and served them each their Cokes, leaving them are only slightly.

They left me a life lesson that I will never forget, as two girls, small little they have is shared and gives so much joy; These two small ceased to be in that small moment, and became huge people whom I admire morbidly.

An Inspirational Trip in India 
An Inspirational Trip in India 

We had great experiences, made several trips, we met many people, we took many pictures, we had great moments of fun, but nothing will compare to the satisfaction of being dying of thirst and heat in school with such large people doing that I like them turn me into a small but big girl at the same time, it opened my eyes and was able to realise what I had lost them closed and not see beyond appearances and physical things.

I do not really consider myself a good person, or mature, always make mistakes and sometimes do not know how to remedy them. But I know that on this trip I could get the better of me, and leave much of what I am in essence. I thought things had never come to my mind, also imagine a new perspective on my life, leave tears, disease, but more importantly, leave a part of my soul, that part that binds us together and there are no differences between them ; And most importantly, I learned that we all have the same desire to love and be loved.

The last day, the children prepared a surprise dance for us, I knew I had to go, and that this was going to hurt me, while doing his dance I could not help but mourn, if not crying because I no longer going to see more or feel the joy of my heart and my soul were transforming thanks to these little people.

The last day, the children prepared a surprise dance for us

Also looked like they hurt to say goodbye to us, me with gifts, I got rings, beautiful bracelets, magnets and amazing things that I look often feel that they are close to me.I know they will grow and people will be a lot of good, perhaps they were not so significant that it was me, or maybe yes, but I made me a well that never end appreciated.

I would love to return one day, watching them grow and be around them for their support and give them my support. And I know someday I will see you again and I feel more and more proud of those people who were part of this growth path and that I was the accomplice of his.

I returned to Mexico with a desire to stay in Delhi, but very enriching learning was as if they had given me new eyes to thank and appreciate every second that I have in life, thank and appreciate my beautiful family, and the pleasant experience that I suit.

Today, I try to fight every day against society that drives me to wrap in the world of superficiality, as it is very difficult to live in a social environment where there is strong pressure by appearances and not let go. But every time I fall, I remember all the lessons and try to carry them out.

Today, I try to fight every day against society that drives me to wrap in the world of superficiality

Thank volunteering solutions for doing so much work and so noble. I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to experience this, and especially thank life for giving me stops and put obstacles, to show me what it really means to live. I have always believed that the world changes with examples, not opinion, and that all good things start with a little scary.

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