Unexpected Thrills in my new Favorite City in the South

Unexpected Thrills in my new Favorite City in the South

Sometimes a city can surprise you. With no high expectations I made my way to #Atlanta #Georgia. The #ATL certainly changed my mind with its perfect mix of big city living and southern charm. A great trip mixing #beer and #zombies!

There are some trips that even the most gung-ho of travelers don’t get excited about. Personally, Atlanta, Georgia was never a destination I felt compelled to visit. It didn’t have the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, the fantastic beaches of Miami, or the awe-inspiring mountain views of the Rockies. While I was under no illusion that it wasn’t a fine city, it didn’t get my heart pounding with excitement like so many of the places I had visited previously.

But when my brother asked me to accompany him on a visit he was taking to the area, I apathetically accepted the invitation. Looking back, however, it was a decision I will never regret. Atlanta far surpassed my expectations, and has even become one of my favorite destinations in the whole of the United States.

Atlanta far surpassed my expectations, and has become one of my favorite destinations

When first arriving in Atlanta, one is awestruck at the sight of it. After hours of driving through rural Georgia, Atlanta stands large and grandiose. Downtown is ultra-modern, sleek, and bustling; truly earning its status as a cultural hub in the United States.

Atlanta by night

The Glenn Hotel is in the heart of the fun and excitement of Downtown Atlanta.

from  $307.32

Glenn Hotel, Autograph Collection

 110 Marietta Street Nw, Atlanta, GA, United States
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It would be where we would stay for our time in Atlanta. And what a spot! The Glenn Hotel is situated in the center of all of the action, pulsating with the beat of the city. It is bustling with business, and is the gateway to all of Atlanta’s major attractions.

Location is not all that the boutique hotel has going in its favor. The Glenn Hotel also offers some of the most chic and fashionable hotel rooms in the city. Our room had warm, alluring sunburst-colored walls to accompany a cozy but modern design. Our room even featured original commissioned paintings hanging from the walls. When one is as used to cookie-cutter hotel spaces as I am, even in the more high-end accommodations, this surely was a pleasant change of pace.

Our room even featured commissioned paintings hanging from the walls

The hotel also features several fantastic restaurants and lounges for guests to enjoy. Glenn’s Kitchen Restaurant offers classic American comfort food, but with the southern flair that seemingly comes inherent to all Georgians. There is also a lovely lobby bar where one can enjoy a sensational cocktail. But the piece de resistance is definitely the SkyLounge. The SkyLounge offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Downtown Atlanta, where guests can enjoy following the establishment’s motto of “Drink, Relax, & Mingle.” I am not ashamed to admit that I visited this fantastic spot every evening of our stay in town.

My brother and I share a passion for the television series, The Walking Dead. We could not pass up the opportunity of going to witness where one of our favorite shows gets filmed. Prior to leaving for our trip, my brother booked us to take a guided tour provided by Atlanta Movie Tours.

from  $65

Atlanta Movie Tour

 327 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313, United States
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The 'Big Zombie Tour' gave us the ability to check out all of the amazing filming locations in the Greater Atlanta area. We were able to check some of the show’s most iconic backdrops, including Woodbury, the CDC, the Jackson Street Bridge, and so much more. And if you’re a fan of the film Zombieland, some of the local shots for this are featured as well!

Local Zombieland 

For the beer aficionados out there, Atlanta also offers the perfect venue to pursue this passion. On the third day of my visit, I took part in an Atlanta Brews Cruise.

from  $55

Atlanta Brews Tour

 Atlanta, GA, United States
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With over fifteen craft breweries within a ninety mile radius of Atlanta, this is a perfect time to see and sample some of the most innovative breweries in the country. Some of the breweries that highlight the tour include Sweetwater Brewery, Red Brick Brewing Company, and Jailhouse Brewing Company.

Sweetwater Brewery

Atlanta is a rarity of a travel destination. It possesses both southern charm and urban sophistication. It possesses metropolitan glamour and accessibility to fantastic natural beauty and outdoor activities. Atlanta cannot be pigeon-holed into any one characterization. It is a city that offers a little bit of everything for everyone. It’s a city that turned my apathy into a wholehearted anticipation for the next time I can visit!

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