The true island experience – Nusa Lembongan in Bali

The true island experience – Nusa Lembongan in Bali

One night in #NusaLembongan, #Bali turned into 30 days. Everything was beautiful about this place. The views, the people, the #culture the #foodanddrinks, and the hotel. I couldn't have faulted it in any way, and would go back in an instant.

If you want to find a piece of you in a big small world, Bali is the true experience in a culture that connects the past and present in real.

find a piece of you in a big small world

In Bali you will discover many ways of life from the rural rice village to upscale modern villas just hours away. The Hindu religion is strong and temples can be seen all over the island and every corner of the street. But as its popularity grows more and more throughout western world and eastern, it has become overwhelmed with traffics and pollutions of big buses and cars.

So I researched around Bali to find my quiet place to clear my thoughts and re-energize my soul, I stumbled across a small island about 30 minutes boat ride from Bali called Nusa Lembongan. From the first steps on this little paradise called Nusa Lembongan island (southeast of Bali) you will instantly feel at ease.

quiet place to clear my thoughts and re-energize

The raw image of Bali from the past and its breathtaking scenery of low limestone cliffs and clear water exposing the colorful coral reef will blow you mind away. The sleeping village behind contrasts with all the boats and platforms waterslides water-world theme park like just in the front.

This island has boomed since the past 3 years which is amazing with many activities and attractions I didn’t know what to start first.

I travel by foot first to get familiar with this place and to mingle a bit with the locals and getting where to be about. Information about the island is not easy to find since a lot of them will try to sell you either a motorbike or a ride. The season I went was October, mid-season, less hot and less people and amazing deals on accommodation and activities.

travel by foot first to get familiar with this place

I stopped by this shop just right next to the speedboat company called Monkey Surf School, a small surf shop operated by an English speaking team. A nice guy came out and invited me inside to his shady shop with welcoming smiles, asked me what I need to know he can surely help out.

He had many brochures and maps of the island of things to do and see on this quiet island. I had some things already in mind but he reassured me with local’s advice and tips. Knowing I didn’t want just only relax by the pool, I decided to take up some surf lessons with the guys there as well (well worth the experience).

Everywhere you look there were many nice accommodations but only a few ones I came across were attractive and the feelings were right. I have chosen a small place just down the street from the beach in a village called Jungutbatu north side of the island.

Rama Garden Retreat has a quiet secluded garden filled with lushes green plants and nice Bungalows just peeking though. It was charming and clean and I enjoyed the little Hammock just underneath my room.

filled with lushes green plants and nice Bungalows

Every morning the staff wear their traditional Balinese outfits to do a little offerings to the gods, they place small coconut leaf woven baskets fill with flowers and food placed just outside the temples. And the smells of incents and bells ringing across the village as they chanted and hum songs and prayers.

from  $79

Hotel Rama Gardens - Nusa Lembongan

 Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu, Bali, Indonesia

Almost feels like you are traveling back in time when no building or tourist attractions even existed. They also have a small eco-friendly restaurant called Pisang-Pisang attached to the place serving daily delicious juice mixes and healthy meals which made it easy to just be spoiled all day long. This is a hidden gem I'm glad I had found.

This is a hidden gem I'm glad I had found

Stepping outside this Retreat you can walk just about 3 minutes down a small path and reach the nice beach looking straight to Mt. Agung in Bali, the view was spectacular.

Then as the breeze swept through my hair and children laughter filled my ears, I found my inner peace. My one night stay became days then weeks. Last thing I remember it has now reached its 30 days, time to pack up and bring this truly amazing experience home and share with my loved ones the journey of a lifetime.

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