Breathtaking Bangalore

Breathtaking Bangalore

Read my memories of #Bangalore, one of the most beautiful cities in #India. It's a place that's full of #culture and very friendly people from all around the world. I am so proud of this amazing city that I decided to write about it for #goMowgli's #TheBestTravelJob campaign.

Ah Bangalore! That it is enveloped by the soft corner of the weather Gods. It is the hub of multiples in the country - the potpourri of culture and people from all across. And most importantly, Bangalore is the perfect home. Known for our hospitality and humility, people are indeed the best part.

Bangalore is the perfect home

I very fondly remember one evening in Bangalore when I was still an undergrad. One early day of college, I had only Rs. 30 with me and was travelling in an auto. I was very very hungry and spoke to mom on phone almost crying of hunger. When I got down from the auto at the bus stop, the driver just smiled at me and asked me to eat something for that Rs. 30 and drove away.

the driver just smiled at me

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