Roatan, Honduras: A Mecca For Divers

Roatan, Honduras: A Mecca For Divers

Roatan, #Honduras is well known in the scuba #diving community as one of the best spots in the Caribbean. Clear waters, a plethora of fish, and something for all levels of divers. I'd recommend making this #active spot part of any self-respecting diver's bucket list.

Our top pick so far has to be scuba diving on Roatan, which is 30 miles off the coast of Honduras. We learnt to dive here, became certified to advanced level and saw some incredible sites. Whilst learning, the instructors explained that diving Roatan is hard to beat, not only is it the second largest coral reef in the world but the conditions are perfect and the island is completely surrounded by dive sites.

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Since leaving and putting our certification to good use elsewhere, we fully understand what they mean…

Endless coral reefs, swarming with fish, turtles, eels, sting rays, nurse sharks and if you’re lucky you might even see a whale shark. All the dive sites are a stone’s throw away from the dive shops, so a 5 minute boat ride is as long as you can expect to travel to sites. 

A 5 minute boat ride is as long as you can expect to travel to sites

Visibility is what you would expect from crystal clear Caribbean waters and the drop off of the coral reef wall is something quite spectacular. We would recommend doing the wreck dive (Aguila), which is a large ship sitting at around 37m. You will need your Advanced Certification to dive this and its full of Groupers 3-4m in length (read a full review of this site on The Scuba Geek). The ‘Hole in the Wall’ is another spectacular dive if you want to go deep, but staying in the shallows is just as amazing with an abundance of things to see from 6m-18m.

Amazing experience!
Amazing experience!

This really has something for every diver at any level. Make sure you spend enough time here; we would recommend diving Roatan at least 5 times with so many sites to choose from, we’re sure you’ll want to do loads more. The nearby island of Utila is another option and more suited to younger travelers/backpackers (we’ve heard the dive sites aren’t as nice there).

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