Review; Hotel Kazbek in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Review; Hotel Kazbek in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Hotel Kazbek in #Dubrovnik, Croatia is steeped in history, which makes it a fascinating place to stay and #relax in. It is a fusion of tradition and contemporary style, privacy and high customer service, as well as being situated off the tourist track, but perfectly placed in order to taste local life. Pack your bags, now.

Hotel Kazbek was constructed in 1573 by one of Dubrovnik’s noble families, Zamanja, as a holiday residence. Often dubbed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, it lives up to expectations with every white stone wall steeped in history. Hotel Kazbek is no different. 

The building was burnt and plundered in 1806, used as a POW detention centre by the aggressors in WW2, then as a school by the government, before being returned to it’s owners after the Croatian War of Independence. Ownership then changed hands several times before it was finally acquired by the Swedish investment company, Pervanovo, in 2006.

It took the new owners four years to complete due to the strict regulations in place by the Croatian government. Being a UNESCO world heritage site ensures the city maintains it’s phenomenal beauty, but makes life hard for property developers; many simply wishing to restore buildings damaged in the war out of love for their city rather than any significant financial gain.

Wonderful place
Wonderful place

The hotel is boutique in every sense of the word and we were made to feel very welcome and at ease by Jenny, the hotel receptionist. She shared her knowledge about the history of the building and painted a romantic picture of times gone by. We were also fortunate enough to meet Pave, the Sales and Marketing Manager, who shed some light on what life was like in war-torn Dubrovnik and how severely the local families were affected. It’s amazing to think that such a beautiful city was in turmoil just 25 years ago.

from  $171

Hotel Kazbek

 Lapadska Obala 25, Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Hotel Kazbek has 13 rooms, which maintains the feeling that the property is your very own private residence. The rooms are luxurious with king-size beds, a writing table, ensuite, mini-bar, HD TV, air-con and free wireless internet. Each of the rooms have been decorated and furnished individually, which pays homage to the bespoke nature that Hotel Kazbek embodies from the moment you step through the large stone archway.

Great design
Great design

The location of the hotel provides a very different experience from staying in the Old Town. It’s situated in Lapad which is less touristic and thus you can get a much better taste for local life, plus there are many highly rated restaurants within walking distance including Pantarul, which (at the time of writing) was ranked as Dubrovnik’s No.1 restuarant on Trip Advisor. 

It’s situated in Lapad which is less touristic and thus you can get a much better taste for local life

This restaurant gets booked up quickly so make sure you make a reservation in advance. You can also experience fine dining and typical Croatian food in Kazbek’s own restaurant which also ranks very highly on Tripadvisor and is frequented by visitors from all over city. The hotel is located next to the Marina and the number six bus runs in front of the hotel to the Old Town every ten minutes so you can access other areas with ease.

Amazing dining!
Amazing dining!

Hotel Kazbek fuses contemporary living with traditional heritage, and does so with style and finesse. If you enjoy privacy and a high standard of customer service we highly recommend a stay at Hotel Kazbek. It’s best to book in advance as the limited number of rooms ensures a consistent level of occupancy throughout high season. 

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