Diving Nha Trang; Dive When Visibility is Good

Diving Nha Trang; Dive When Visibility is Good

The benefit to scuba #diving in Nha Trang, #Vietnam is that it's a popular spot, so you can often find a good deal on your dives. That's exactly what we did. While it wasn't the best visibility we've ever had, we did manage to spy quite a few things! Diving is always my favourite way to stay #active while on the road.

With 15 scuba diving shops in the area competition is fierce, so diving Nha Trang can be done on the cheap. We visited most of the dive shops and found that the “The Sailing Club” on the beachfront had the best deal, a nice setup and lots of experience operating in the area. 

from  $314

Dive Courses in Nha Trang

 NHA Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
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We were told that visibility was not great (about 4m) but that it should improve a lot in 2-3 weeks around the beginning of February. We prepared ourselves for the worst and dragged ourselves out of bed at 7am to meet at the shop.

Preparing for diving
Preparing for diving

They had a large boat and 11 of us going diving. There were plenty of staff and we had our own dive master all to ourselves (just the two of us). She was a lovely Vietnamese girl who had great banter and spoke perfect English, like so many of the Vietnamese. The sun was hiding behind the clouds for our first dive, meaning it was a bit chilly and with water temperature at around 24C, I was feeling the nip after 40 minutes under water. The visibility was quite poor but we ended up seeing quite a lot of things during the two dives and hence it ended up being a much better experience than we had anticipated. 

It ended up being a much better experience than we had anticipated

Our dive master pointed out a toadfish, an eel, a seahorse and we saw four fish standing vertically, that move together in unison. We checked the name afterwards but I cannot remember what it was. Thankfully, the sun came out for the second dive, which provided some much needed heat before jumping in.

For lunch, they served a beautiful Thai red curry with rice, which was absolutely delicious. There were some interesting people in our group from Sweden, Canada, Britain and Switzerland, who all added to the day being a lot of fun. I imagine in better conditions this would be a great place to rack up some dives.

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