Fitness is More Fun in the City That Never Sleeps!

Fitness is More Fun in the City That Never Sleeps!

In my desperate attempt to keep my #fitness resolutions during my last trip to #NYC, I was thrilled, but not surprised, that the city (which has something for everyone) offers the most innovative #workout classes at a number of boutique #gyms. After booking a few classes it was clear that being physically #active in the Big Apple is anything, but boring!

The buzz of New York City is just infectious. I love that feeling I get, trying to contain my giddiness at the first glimpse of the skyline from the taxi window. When you plan a trip to New York you really have no idea what could happen. There are endless possibilities of places you could see, people you could meet, restaurants you could dine in, and parties you could dance at… I have always said that a day and night in New York is equal to a week anywhere else in the world and after my last visit this sentiment still holds true.

The hustle and bustle literally never stalls. It is the epicenter of the world’s finance, fashion, art, entertainment and hospitality industries (just to name a few). And because of this, people come from all over the globe in hopes of winning big jobs and big earnings to live the dream in this vibrant and trendsetting city that literally never sleeps.

It is the epicenter of the world's finance, fashion, art, entertainment and hospitality industries

Since this time I was visiting New York for both business and pleasure, I decided to stay in Soho (which stands for South of Housten). It is fairly easy to navigate New York from Soho because all of Manhattan runs on a grid. There is a lot of character in this neighbourhood. From one end you can see the Empire State building and from the other, the newer, Freedom Tower. A pretty spectacular view at night! Plus, the neighbourhood is home to the head offices of many creative agencies and a plethora of trendy restaurants, bars, boutiques and galleries.

My favourite place to stay in this locality is at the Soho Grand. 

from  $580.62

Soho Grand Hotel

 310 West Broadway, New York City, NY, United States
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One of the first luxury boutique hotels in the area, the Soho Grand has a cultured and eclectically refined vibe. The entire interior has been detailed to incorporate the perfect mix of old meets new. There are many unique pieces scattered throughout, including curated black and white photos taken by famed New York photographers from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The Soho Grand is conveniently situated to explore all the hip local hotspots, but if you are feeling like staying put, the bar is still considered a destination to mingle amongst chic travellers and locals alike.

... the Soho Grand has a cultured and eclectically refined vibe

I knew that during this trip I would be truly indulging. I am a foodie and I love to socialize. New York is great for that because everyone is always up to meet for dinner and drinks. To counteract my splurging, I decided that I should approach catching up with friends from a different angle and organized some really great workout classes which I was dying to try with some girlfriends living in the city.

The first surefire way not to derail from my New Year’s resolutions was to book a class at Soul Cycle. 

from  $34

Soul Cycle

 8 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011, United States
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I have done many spin classes before, but I have yet to try anything that can compare with this experience. The class was packed! The staff is extremely welcoming and accommodating. You are given a locker, special clip-in shoes, a towel and water bottle. The entire class is done by candlelight, with an incredibly choreographed ride that has you sitting, standing, running, dancing and lifting weights all on the bike. The instructor had more positive energy than any human I have ever encountered. The music was unbelievably fun and her continual affirmations were motivating and uplifting – I guess they don’t call it “Soul” Cycle for nothing!

I guess they don't call it "Soul" Cycle for nothing!

In hopes of becoming the next Anne Hathaway or Naomi Watts, I thought it imperative to book a class at Body By Simone. 

from  $35

Body by Simone

 606 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001, United States
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 Body By Simone is a unique workout created by former professional ballet dancer, Simone De La Rue. The signature class is called Dance Cardio and it is exactly that, but much much harder! It is a high-energy 45-minute dance class, finishing with some abdominal and strengthening exercises. Simone didn’t actually teach my class, but I have heard that she does instruct at the New York studio from time to time. This class was intense, I cannot lie, but there are always modifications for all fitness levels. And you really do leave feeling amazing…sort of like you were at the best dance party without a hangover!

... the best dance party without a hangover!

I love to walk everywhere. It is my way to stay fit and Manhattan is perfect for that. And even though New York in February is like spring to this Canadian, it really wasn’t the warmest weather to spend endless hours outside. These boutique gyms came as a lifesaver! My next trip to NYC will hopefully be at the end of June. I will 100 percent book SoulCyle and Body By Simone again, along with an outdoor activity where I can burn some calories and take in some sites. 

 I will be sure to let you know how it goes!  

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