Why Palawan is a Paradise on Earth

Why Palawan is a Paradise on Earth

Everyone knows the #Philippines is home to gorgeous, sun kissed beaches. But there's more to see outside Boracay, if you're willing to #explore a little. Once you set your eyes on Palawan, you'll realize you're in for holiday full of #relaxation and Vitamin D. #GoASEAN

Palawan is one of 7,107 islands in Philippines, located on the western side of Philippines, between the China Sea and the Sulu Sea. It is one of the most underdeveloped parts of Philippines, often overlooked by travelers, many of whom prefer to spend their time on the beaches of the world famous Boracay.

When I visited Philippines last year, I was eager to get off the beaten path and explore a part of this country know as “the last frontier.”

I was eager to get off the beaten path and explore a part of this country know as “the last frontier

Palawan is the least populated region in Philippines and while it has always been a popular destination for the locals, until recently it has been rather unknown among foreign travelers. You won’t find large hotel chains or fancy international restaurants in Palawan. And you certainly won’t find tourist groups coming through this region. 

But despite that, or perhaps precisely because of that, Palwan is a true paradise on earth and it has all the ingredients for an incredible getaway! And here is why.

Palwan is a true paradise on earth

1. Palawan Has the Most Incredible Sunsets

And you don’t even have to fight hundreds of tourists for that perfect spot on the beach or at the top of a hill to watch the sunset.

Stunning sunset in El Nido
The sun slipping below the horizon in Coron

2. Palawan Has Crystal Clear Waters

You could literally see all the way to the bottom of the ocean, no matter how deep or how shallow the water was. It was glistening under the hot Philippines sun.

Crystal clear water teeming with fish
It was glistening under the hot Philippines sun
Hot sand meets clear blue water

3. Palawan’s El Nido Offers Unique Views of the Karst Rock Formations

El Nido, located in the Northern part of Palawan Island, is famous for its karst limestone rock formations that can only be found in a few other places around the world (Ha Long Bay, Krabi, and Guilin). These karst rocks create a wow-worthy backdrop for El Nido’s famous beaches and are often the main reasons why travelers undertake a 7 hour van/bus ride up from Puerto Princesa to El Nido.

Karst limestone cliffs in El Nido
Close up of the karst limestone cliffs
The cliffs jut out from the water

4. Palawan is a Palm Tree Heaven

Every beach and every road is lined with beautiful palm trees, creating not only perfect shade but a beautiful backdrop for every single photo. Just watch out for those falling coconuts...

Just watch out for those falling coconuts…
Looking up at the palm trees in Palawan
Palawan is a haven for palm lovers

5. In Palawan, Everyone Can Have Their Own Secluded Beach

There are thousands of small islands off the shores of Palawan Island. You can hire a boat to take you out to the islands and to spend the day relaxing on your own private beach in the middle of an ocean.

from  $332

Boat Rental to Smaller Islands in Palawan

 Coron, MIMAROPA, Philippines
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El Nido Fun-Diving

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A boat can take you to smaller islands
A perfect beach makes for a perfect day

6. Palawan is Home to Some of the Happiest and Kindest People on Earth

From the owners of your B&B, to the cooks at the beach side restaurant, to the little kids that spend their days playing on the beaches, these are some of the happiest and nicest people you will meet in your life. 

They genuinely want you to fall in love with their beautiful home

Perhaps it’s because the travelers that come to Palawan are respectful of their land, their ocean, and their country, or perhaps it’s because they genuinely want you to fall in love with their beautiful home.

If this isn’t happiness, then what is?
These kids happily welcomed us

If you are considering a trip to Philippines and are thinking of spending some time in Boracay, here’s my advice:

Skip it! Get off the beaten path and explore the untouched beauty of Palawan. If you don’t, others will. It won’t stay this way forever!

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