16 Amazing Photos That will Make you want to Visit Karijini National Park

16 Amazing Photos That will Make you want to Visit Karijini National Park

Well-hidden in a remote location that is defined by wild #nature landscapes, Karijini National Park is one of the most picturesque places to visit in #Australia. It's a #mustsee for anyone wanting to incorporate an #active experience into their holiday.

Most people have never heard of Karijini National Park. Despite being the 2nd biggest national park in Western Australia and one of the most incredible destinations in all of Australia, its remote location make it one of the least visited parks in the country. 

the 2nd biggest national park in Western Australia and one of the most incredible destinations in all of Australia

Karijini is located approximately 1400km from Perth, 850kms from Broome and 660km from Exmouth. It’s no small feat, making the journey to this unspoiled outback destination that much more special.

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Red Gorge Adventure

 Western Australia, 6751, Australia
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Much of the southern half of the park is inaccessible, so visitors tend to spend their time walking the trails and exploring the gorges, rock pools and lookouts in the north.

Karijini National Park Map

The park is divided into 3 major sections, each more more stunning than the other.

Hamersley Gorge; the most remote of the sections consists of one 1-hour walk along the base of the gorge.

Weano Gorge Area; is considered to be the section for adventurous explorers. It is a getaway to 6 different gorges with Weano Gorge and Hancock Gorge being the most popular and the most difficult, Class 5 trails.

Dales Gorge Area; is the most popular area within the park, it offers great lookouts and easy to get to Circular and Fern Pools that allow you to take in the beauty of the Dales Gorge without a strenuous hike. Alternatively, visitors may choose to embark on a 2-3 hour return walk along the length of the Dales Gorge.

There is absolutely no point in even trying to explain the remarkable scenery at Karijini, so instead, let me show you.

Hamersley Gorge

One of the Rock Pools at the top of Hamersley Gorge
Hamersley Waterfall
Rock Pools at Hamersley Gorge

Weano Gorge

At the Start of the Weano Gorge Trail.
Further Along the Weano Gorge Trail. As you Reach the Handrail Pool, the Passage Gets a lot Narrower
After Descending set of Steps Beside the Waterfall, you end up in the Heart of the Handrail Pool

Hancock Gorge

At the Start of the Hancock Gorge trail
Hancock Gorge. This Trail is Graded as Class 5. You can Choose to Swim Through this Narrow Passage, Take Your Boots off and Walk Across, or Try to Carefully Climb the Sides.
A Closer Look at the Sides of Hancock Gorge
Traversing the Hancock Gorge’s Narrow Passage; the Spider Walk
Kermits Pool Inside the Hancock Gorge
A Beautiful Juxtaposition of the Graceful yet Fragile Butterfly Along the Jagged Rocks in Karijini National Park

Dales Gorge

Dales Gorge From up-close
Fortescue Falls, the Iconic Landmark in the Dales Gorge
Dales Gorge Trail Runs Between the Fern Pool and Circular Pool and is about a 2-3 Hour Return Walk
Circular Pool, Located on the Other end of the Dales Gorge

Will you be adding Karijini National Park to your Western Australia to-do list?

Essential Travel Info

How to get there: The easiest way to travel to Karijini National Park is by car, as it will allow you to get around and explore all parts of the park at your own leisure. The park is located approximately 1400 km from Perth, 850kms from Broome, 660km and from Exmouth. You can also choose to fly into Karratha, a city in the Pilbara region. It’s an easy 4 hour drive from Karratha to the Tom Price Access Road in Karijini National Park. A number of day tours to Karijini National Park are also offered from Tom Price.

Where to stay: Unpowered camp sites are available in Dales Gorge and Weano Gorge (Savannah Camp ground). More comfortable and luxurious accommodation is also available at the Karijini Eco Retreat located in the Weano Gorge area. There are no powered campsites inside the park and no cell phone reception. Be prepared to spend a few days completely unplugged!

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Hotel Karijini Eco Retreat

 Weano Road, Karijini National Park, Australia
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