Luxury on a Budget in Bangkok, Thailand; S33 Compact Hotel, Sukhumvit

Luxury on a Budget in Bangkok, Thailand; S33 Compact Hotel, Sukhumvit

#Bangkok isn't at the very tip top of my favourite cities list, so I don't want to blow my entire #budget on a place to stay when I'm in town. That's where the S33 Compact Hotel comes in handy. It's an #affordable alternative to a hostel in a really great location. An added plus is their exceptionally fast Wifi; very important to remember for the connected traveler.

I’ve been through Bangkok more times than I can count. That doesn’t mean to say I like it, I’ve often been a critic and have rarely featured it in my stories. But it does make a decent stopover city and I’ve some friends there so I often end up chilling out there for a few nights.

The S33 Compact Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand
Backpacking in Bangkok; not my favourite city but I do tend to pass through it…

My first few visits to Bangkok had all the trademarks of a textbook backpacker; touring Wats, getting drunk and shopping on Khaosan Road. These days when I pass through the Kok I prefer to stay in a cool hotel in Sukhumvit and I have my favourite where I have stayed the last two times in Bangkok; the S33 Compact Hotel in Sukhumvit.

from  $128.12

S33 Compact Sukhumvit Hotel

 9/10-14 Soi Sukhumvit 33 Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton-Nua Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand
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For the cheap price, this place offers a bit of luxury and a break from Bangkok’s backpacker scene, which is exactly what I’m after. 

Check out my photos of the S33 Compact Hotel and my 5 reasons to stay here.

Desk at the S33 in Bangkok.

1. Comfort 

S33 has pure comfort. Cosy rooms, soft beds, pristine showers, air conditioning. I felt so relaxed and cosy here!

View out the Front of S33 Compact Hotel

2. Great Location 

It’s up a ramp and seems to be on a quiet street yet a street which has a load of bars and you don’t hear the noise in the S33! Lots of cool bars, restaurants and massage parlours.

Soi 33 in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

3. Fast Wi Fi 

I should say very fast Wifi! If you’ve ever followed my YouTube channel you will know I upload hundreds of videos each week. When in S33 I get all my videos uploaded.

4. Free Breakfast

S33 includes a full all-you-can-eat breakfast; always nice to get some eggs on toast when you’re in Asia and have had your fill of rice and noodles…

Breakfast in S33 Compact Hotel in Bangkok 

5. No Backpackers!! 

Hold on…what do you mean “no backpackers”? OK so I am a backpacker and that is my normal travel style; cheap buses, hostels, living out of a backpack etc… But every now and then I break out of that mode. I need time to myself. I need time away from other backpackers. I like to unwind.

I like to unwind. And I do that in S33

And I do that in S33. This is the place to stay in Bangkok if you want some time to yourself and away from the non-stop party vibe that backpackers and locals bring to this bustling city!

So head to the S33 Compact Hotel and give it a try and see if you agree with me. You can get a late deal through Agoda for one night from around $35 USD – which is completely worth it for one night of complete luxury! Amazing Room.

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